Countdown to Christmas Day #20

It's Day 20!

Today I finished the Christmas Bake & Make series, but I couldn't help doing one more thing!

While my sister is out of the house I've take the opportunity to get some final crafting in, so tonight I've been busy making these little Christmas Tree Marble Chocolates.

It's so easy to do, just melt your favourite chocolates, pour into flexible ice cube trays, swirl around and leave to cool.

Ta Da! you have homemade marble chocolates!

I've also added some candies and nuts (not together!) into some of these for a little extra something!

They're so easy to make There's another batch of dark chocolate trees cooling in the fridge as we speak, so while they are doing their thing I'm going to wrap up these little trees in some pretty tin foils and pop them into little tiny gifts bags for my family!

Merry Christmas guys!

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