Countdown to Christmas Day 8!!! Feeling emotional


Well I must say today has been full of mixed emotions. I woke up this morning after being chased by the evil dream monster, and was certainly feeling rather sorry for myself. But it was not all doom and gloom as lady fate shall have as I awoke and popped on my glasses I spotted a glint down the side of my bed.

My lost ring!! I still swear hands down that I had searched and searched for this ring for months and I'm adamant that it was not there yesterday! But low and behold there it was looking all lovely and my day was turned around! That makes up for any nightmare deamon!

Now I know this is not your typical Christmas story but it brought such joy to my heart that I had to share it. The ring on the left was my Mother's and the one on the right (the lost one!) was my Grandmother's. Since I inherited these rings this time last year, they have not let my hand...until I lost one that is, and it's not felt right to wear the other ever since. 

I will never know how it came off my hand or how it turned up again, but I feel so blessed to have found it again and am rejoicing to have them reunited and to wear them once more.

What could be more Christmassy than true happiness?

I hope your day has been as joy filled as mine, Merry Christmas!!

Until next time xx

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