Marshmallow Snoman Dippers!


Now we all love a good hot chocolate, but this Christmas no hot chocolate will be good enough without these adorable home made marshmallow dippers, and they couldn't be easier to make!

All your going to need is:
Mini Marshmallows
Pretzel Sticks
Strawberry laces
 Small bar of chocolate
Cocktail Sticks

Eat them straight of the stick or swirl in your steaming hot chocolate for some added festive luxury! These marshmallow dippers will work great with yesterdays recipe for Mocha Cocoa. I know I'm going to be adding these to all my Mocha Cocoa Gifts for my friends and family.

Why not experiment with your designs? You could add chocolate drops to make little hats!

I hope you liked this addition to the Christmas Bake & Make. If you missed my other recipes click on the following links for:

(Sorry for the poor lighting!)

I'm posting a new Bake & Make every day this week so be sure to pay a visit tomorrow for another yummy Christmas creation!

Bye for now!

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1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful gift idea and it's so simple as well. Love it! :)

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx


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