Let's talk Thursday: Mini-adventures!


Welcome to another Let's talk Thursday. If you missed last weeks you can find it here, where I announced the brand new blog itinerary.

This week I'm going to be sharing with your the first of one of my (hopefully) many mini-adventures I have planned for 2014.
Now when I say mini - I really mean mini, but for me, well they're quite a big step in my plans to self-progression. If you read Sunday's first Self-reflection post you'll know that I'm trying to really make things happen this year. I'm taking some big leaps toward my goals and dreams and trying to fulfil some of my biggest ambitions, as well as some little ones. On Sunday we will be going into this in more detail but for today I want to tell you all about the first of my little goals to tick off my list!

I've always been one of those people that was willing to try anything. I'm not pretending I'm confident, out-going or any sort of extrovert, but if there's an opportunity to do something new, or if someone needs me to do something hard I'm ready to go! Sadly thought it's not all so simple!

Let me explain. If I had an employer who said "OK i need you on a plane tomorrow to go half way across the world for a conference", I'd be booking my flights within minutes. If I had to do a training course that involved roughing it for 24 hours (random I know but I did one last year with the Navy!) I'd say OK where's my boots! But if someone said hey I'd like you to go and spend 2 nights in a spa and relax my first thought would be "Oh that would be great" and then shortly after my second thought would be "...what?!"

See I say I'm a girl who will give just about anything a go once, but tell me to do something for myself and I find it really difficult. The idea of doing something, going somewhere for self-indulgent reasons is just so hard! It makes me feel so uncomfortable, but in reality it really holds me back. I miss out on doing so many great things because I feel I can't just do something for me, and I realised I really needed to sort this out. If I'm not able to treat myself, and recognise when I deserve a break or that spending money on a hotel is not a waste...I'm never going to be truly happy with myself, who I am, and ultimately never get the life I want!

So long story short I made a big/small leap last week and went on my mini-adventure!

Last week, very last minute, I decided to take a trip over the boarded into England and booked myself a room in a hotel. I picked out a fancy executive sweet with a lovely bathroom and decided I was going to have a couple of days of just me time, unwind, have a soak and take advantage of room service (my first time!). Simply I can say I loved it! I felt really uncomfortable on the train, but once I got settled into my suite I was so happy, and was straight in the bath tub! I made sure I had plenty of supplies and took with me the Sanctuary Spa Get-away collection just to be sure! Turns out it was a first for lots of things as I'd never tried Sanctuary Spa before either so I gave it a review, and you can find out what I thought here.

Being me, I wasn't quite ready to just pamper myself, so I took advantage of my time in Birmingham and got some well deserved shopping in to (I'm loving topshop and warehouse at the moment!) and I also took a trip to the Sea life centre which I loved. I'm a big lover of wildlife and although I'd pick seeing animals in the wild any day it was a great day and also quite tranquil I think (if you can ignore all the crowds).

Here's some picks from my day at Sea life :)

So it might not be a big adventure but for me it was. I'm really proud of myself for venturing out and doing something just for me for a change. I think it was a big step towards a positive and adventure filled future, in fact I have many more mini adventures set up for the coming months and can't wait to fill you all in on the details.

 If you're really interested I'm thinking I might do some hotel diaries in a few weeks too so I might include some hotel, spa and retreat reviews for people who like to do a little travelling and sight-seeing.

If you've got any great ideas for places to go, things to see, or maybe just a hotel you love please let me know I want to see as much of the world as I can this year so any advice and tips would be so useful!

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to come back on Sunday for the next episode of Self-reflection Sunday where we're going to be using some tools to make dreams more of a reality!

Bye for now

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