Boutique Haul Part #2


This is the second part to my boutique haul and I'm super excited to finally share it.
If you missed part #1 you can find it here:

Today I've got another small collection of extra beautiful boutique bargains and I'm dying to get to it so let's go.

Again, I have tried to link items in the description so you can hopefully find it in your local boutique or online, but sorry if prices vary online to in-store.

After the first shop I was so happy I wasn't planning on spending anymore but I was won over by these bargains so a second shop was practically an obligation!

Penny Farthing Slouch Top | £4.99

I'd spotted this top the day before and thought it was so cute but it had no price tag so being the more sensible girl I was (that lasted!) I decided not to get it as I was already happy with my other purchases. Of course the next day I gave in though and was straight to the till to ask how much it was. Turned out it was only £4.99 in the sale how could I say no???

I really like the design and simple style, it works really well with the skirt but it'll look great with a pair of jeans for a relaxed look.

Next on my list is this cute textured skirt by Neon rose. It's a little shorter than I would normally buy but the material and cut gives is a very classy look that makes up for the length. 
I really liked the stand out zip to the back and the curve edge at the bottom which creates a slightly elongated extra detail to the back. I also really like the textured material, the contrasting black and white is really subtle and although it has a textured, slightly structured appearance, the material is incredibly soft to the touch.

I love how this skirt could easily be dressed up or down for day or night and it looks great with a pair of thick black tights and cut off ankle boots.

I haven't worn these yet! But if you'd like to see an OOTD soon let me know in the comments and I'll make sure I get some photos soon!

Finally the beautiful beautiful diary! I've had my eye on this for so long now I can't tell you. Every time I've walked into/passed/near that shop this week planner has been shouting "buy me, buy me, buy me!" but for £16 I thought ooh no I should wait and find one cheaper. But once you've found true love nothing else seems good enough! So I gave in and it was worth it I couldn't be happier.

Now admittedly I thought the same thing as's a bit late isn't it? March is almost over, that's a 3rd of the year! But that's where this week planner is special. See it isn't just a week planner, it's a

"Book of Days"

Now that already sounds magical to me but I'll expand. See, inside the book there are pages for a years overview, months overviews, weekly overviews, for notes, for lists...and the best thing is none of them are dated.

You get to the choose the dates yourself, so if you start in the middle of a year pfft who cares, you just keep going to the middle of next year!

Or if this week you have so much to do but next week you have a free week, so skip a week. Use what you need when you need it, and all the while be pleased by it's beauty! Every open page has a different design and each is as stunning as the next.

I can't describe how beautiful this book of days is but I'm in love and being A5 (pocket sized) it fits straight into my handbag right next to my notebook and my purse and I'm away!

But don't just take my word for it have a look in the pictures below (I wanted to photo every page!) and you can make your own mind up.

It's a small haul but I think it's beautiful and I'm so pleased to have all these things in my life.

Unfortunately the top had no label so I wasn't able to find it for you, but links to both the skirt and the book of days can be found at the top of the page.

If you liked these you can also find other amazing items by both these labels; Neon Rose and PaPaYa art. PaPaYa art also do a variety of purses and bags in similar designs too.

I've tried to find as many links as I could for UK and US online so you don't have to venture to little boutiques in the middle of Wales!

Here are just a few I found:

ASOS fashion finderAmazon clothing | House of Fraser | Dorothy Perkins | The Paper Parlour | PaPaYa Art (located in US) | Peace, Love & Decorating | Papaya Art Amazon UK | Papaya Art Amazon USA

I love buying stationary like this so if you have any favourite labels, shops or stationery your loving this year leave your links in the box below so I can stock up!

Thanks for popping by!
Bye for now

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  1. Wow that book is so beautiful! I love the illustrations.I always go to for stationary,they've got so many great designs.xx

    1. Thanks Kim, the whole range is amazing I'm so glad I found them! I love paperchase too but the nearest one to me is 4 hours away on the train and the online collection just never seems as inspiring :( but I love to stock up when I can. There's always something for anyone x

  2. I just nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog - ! Have a look and answer the questions I've written for you and the others I've nominated :) Love Roxy xx

    1. Thanks Roxy, I've heard of the Liebster Award but never looked into it sounds fun!x


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