Tuesday Review day: Homemade Meringues


Welcome back to another Tuesday Review day!

A few weeks ago I saw a post by Cathryn from "Little Paper Swans" about making your own candy coloured meringues.

I've always been an absolute meringue obsessive, bring pavlova to dinner and good luck getting a piece! Still, I've never tried to make them myself because I've always thought they were one of those well known things, like soufflĂ©, that you just can't make yourself unless your a kitchen goddess! 
But Cathryn made them look so simple I thought I'd give it a shot.

If you'd like the original recipe you can pop on over to Little Paper Swans.

I'm pretty chuffed with these! Although certainly not as lovely looking as Cathryn's they taste great and really were that easy! They will definitely be making a regular appearance in my kitchen from now on.

I can't say what Cathryn's were like but I'm pretty sure I made mine a lot bigger so they ended up crispy on the outside with a sticky chewy centre which luckily happens to be my favourite sort of meringue (yay me)! I think if I'd made little bite sized meringues they would have lost the chewy centre but I'll have to experiment and see what happens.

I definitely need to give my colour swirling a little more practice too but overall not bad for a first try I think! Thank you for posting the recipe Cathryn!

I'm trying to get more creative with my desserts and sweets so if you have any recipes you can recommend please let me know and I'll give them a whirl.

Just a short one today!
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