Travel Diaries: Baby bumps in Barmouth


 My Dad used to take me on the Fairbourne railway when I was a kid, brings back fonds memories!

 I just love Wales! I live in such a beautiful country.

In Barmouth we went to Knickerbockers Ice cream shop. Deciding on what flavours to bring home was so hard! I opted for a Mint choc chip ice cream, and I got a strawberries and cream, Fruit salad, and of course the Knickerbocker glory lollies! Mmmmm...!

 We went on a lovely boat trip too and saw all the sights of Barmouth.

Can you spot the 'sleeping giant?' If you look closely you can see his face as if he's lying down and his body goes off to the left. 


I never get to see my uni friends as often as I'd like to anymore but I put aside a weekend especially to see some lovely friends of mine who are expecting in just two weeks! I can't wait for bump to become a little mushy person.

We stayed in Fairbourne and walked into Barmouth. It was such a lovely weekend, and having never been to Barmouth I was blown away by how beautiful it is, and the beaches...the beaches!

I can't wait to go back. Moments like this remind me of just how beautiful my home country is and I feel so lucky to live here.
There are so many places I've still never seen, I feel so driven to go and explore this stunning country and can't wait to get on the road.

I know I'll be back in Fairbourne before the end of the summer.


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  1. Farbourne to Bournemouth? That's a long walk :-)

    1. Oh! haha don't know what was going through my mind, I meant Barmouth! Thanks for the heads up.


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