Today was a Monday. A day at the beginning of every week put aside for putting plans into actions and games into play.

Little did I know there was already a game in play - and it was in my back garden.

There I was sitting in my kitchen, eyeing the 5 minutes left before I had to head out and glancing out at the sunshine while I sipped my cooling tea.
As I gazed around the garden I noticed the fuzzy pile of fluff sitting in the middle of the grass acting very inconspicuous, or not as it was drawing the attention of several of the neighbourhood cats, and sure enough the pile of fluff started to move quickly across the garden.

(I'm afraid I was too busy scaring of cats to stop and get the camera out - but you know, priorities!)
Quickly realising that the pile of fluff in fact had lots of little orange tipped beaks I ran out to ward off the cats, and was soon surrounded by running ducklings are they dashed around in little paddles. Watching them throw themselves up the stairs was just precious but when they finally made it and 'plopped' themselves into the pond everything seems to calm down. I did find two more stays which I herded in the direction of their brothers and sisters, and a dazed looking duckling which had decided to sit down on the road, which i quickly scooped up.

The rest of my morning was spent on the phone with the RSPCA and the Vet who kindly came and collected them.

Little did I know the adventures would continue, when during a driving lesson I spotted Mum and two more ducklings wandering across a nearby field. So after alerting the Vet to their trajectory and finishing my lesson, I headed to the Park Avenue behind, and was pleased to find Mum and all her little ones swimming together with some kind herding from the Veterinary team.
I'm sure they have a way to go before they safely make there way into fully fledged duck-hood but it was so lovely to giving them a helping hand on the way.

What an unexpected and exciting start to my week - if only every day was as fun. Lets have our fingers crossed they make it home!


Time whizzes by when you’re not looking – this week certainly did.
The whole week has been a hubbub of activity so as it all comes to an end it’s nice to reflect on pleasant events and plans to come.
So I thought I might share them with you!

I’ve finally picked up driving lessons again. I really should have complete this years ago but coming from the Welsh country, I’ve always found that all my needs were within walking distance, and those that weren’t were but a ride away on public transport. I’ve actually become really accustomed to hopping on a bus or train, and have come to love being a passenger. Routes may be longer but boy are they beautiful. There is just nothing like drifting off into my own private world surrounded by a crowd of strangers.
But yes, the dreaded driving license has finally reared its head and is on my list of things to get over and done with. I’m sure once I have a car I’ll enjoy driving, but for now its really just a case of getting it done!

My brother also returned from Indonesia, which has been truly wonderful. Although we live hours apart, we regularly meet up as a family so having him return after three months, while my youngest sister also now lives abroad has brought mounds of happiness. Staying up late swapping stories and playing games (many many games) has been the highlight of my week.

I’ve also had a few new local custom orders for my crafts and my first order from the US of A which was very exciting! Although I would only call it a hobby business it has been so much fun to give my passions an outlet, and to receive such a positive response, a day never goes by that I don’t create something new!

The blog has also received a major overhaul. For two years its all appeared rather amateur, and primarily that is because I’ve had dreams of transforming it into an illustrated wonder. But after months of doodles I have come to realize that though I might want to draw everything myself, I simply don’t have the talent (yet!) so for now I’ve opted for a clean and classy look which I’m really pleased with. I still want to play around a little but for the time being I think its quite an upgrade don’t you?

Oh and last of all, Music, music, music!
If you’ve been here before (and if not hello!) you may have heard the odd comment about being a musician? Well I’m certainly not a professional but I can play a few instruments and I love to sing. For a while now I’ve been working on my own music but one thing that’s really held me back is my limited guitar knowledge. Other than the violin, all my musical abilities are self-taught and I just didn’t have enough technical ability to ever complete my songs to the standard I wanted. So I started taking guitar lessons and I’m hooked. My guitar is now strapped to my lap for the most part of everyday. The bonus of taking time off to pursue some passions means that I have my hours of time to improve and I’m in love. I really hope that with some time and hard work I can finally perfect those songs. Maybe they’ll even make it up here one day, who knows!

Its been a rather activity filled week and the future seems rather foggy but I’m content and enjoying finally giving myself over to some of my many passions.

What brought you happiness this week?
Since I started this crafter journey I've been super excited to start new projects so today I want to share with you some of the new yarns that have made it into the collection.

I'd never purchased yarn on eBay before but at a craft fair recently a friend recommended it so I thought I'd have a peek and oh boy did I!

I decided to get my hands on some chunky yarn that I love to work with and a few new yarns I've never tried.
Everything beautifully soft and high quality materials so I just can't wait to start some new cast-ons!

Without further ado here it is:

I got 3 skeins of Cashmere silk velvet 2-ply in Pink Rose, Red Moss, Aqua, White and Aubergine.  I've never worked with 2-ply before but I'm really excited to give it a go. I hear its not so popular anymore but I've got a few fun ideas up my sleeve.

3 Skeins of Rainbow Worsted wool and Silk, and 3 Skeins of chunky hand woven Australian wool in a blend of blues oranges and reds. I love the autumnal colours in these and can't wait to come up with something ready for the cooler months.

I re-stocked on some standard Acrylics to play with in Cobalt blue, Cream, Mint, Corn flour blue and Purple.

...and finally 3 skeins of 100% cotton thick worsted yarn in beige coffee, Indigo and soft sage.

Do you have any ideas for craft projects I could try?
If you like these kinds of hauls let me know and I'll be sure to keep you posted on my other crafty supply hauls that are already in the post!

Let me know in the comments your favourite crafty bits to pick up, and any you'd recommend.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hi there!

So that was a subtle title, but well done you guessed it, I'm branching out on more social media platforms!

In the past I've been all over the place - some of which I still use everyday, and others (tumblr!) that never really saw the light of day!

But of course twitter has always been a staple.

Well the good news is I'm getting active - proactive!

I'm getting back on top of all those platforms I've loved and lost

and my very very new page on Facebook.

I was nervous to get a Facebook page because that's where all my personal bits and bobs go on, and to-date my blog and etsy craft store are a secret undercover operations.

I've come to realise that Twitter and Facebook both have there unique advantages and having a Facebook page opens you up to a whole new, and very different audience, and also lets to really say what your trying to say with cutting you off at 140 characters!

I'm going to be using Facebook in a much more proactive way, to keep you informed of updates, changes, blogposts, new items in my Etsy store, craft fairs, workshops... 

...not to mention new plans and ideas, and works in progress that you won't be able to find anywhere else!

So I could really really use your support! The page is oh so very new so every new like makes the world of difference. It would mean so much to me if you would go and show your support.

Do you have a Facebook page? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you!

For the last couple of weeks I've been working on a few new additions to my Celtic Knot collection on Etsy and a few other exciting projects I have in the works, and I can finally say they are now up for sale in the shop!

I'm so pleased with them, they're simple but bold, the cotton has just a subtle sheen and is oh so soft on the skin I'm in love with these!

If there's any pieces you especially like you can also let me know by favouriting. It makes such a big difference to me especially as a newer seller, and lets me know whats popular.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts on anything else you'd like to see in the shop too!

I have a lot of projects soon to be finished which will be making their way into the shop as well so stay tuned for those!

Bye for now!

I recently finished my job (you can find out more about that here).

In the lead up to my last week I was giddy with excitement, I couldn't believe I was going to be giving it all up to follow my dreams.

But as the last day loomed I became more and more unsure about what I would do with my days.
On my last day I was done my 11am. The office was cleared, equipment returned, duties I got myself a cup of tea and decided to try and fill my afternoon. My colleagues were all insistent I go home, start my weekend early, enjoy the sun, but I was so nervous to not have a job (a conventional job) I held it off until 4pm.

It was the weirdest feeling. I was happy to be starting something new, but I couldn't quite get comfortable and relax into it.

Immediately I started to fill my time. My first Saturday off was spent on a day trip to Cardigan, and Sunday was spent helping my sister clear out her place.

Very quickly I came to the conclusions that I'm not the relaxing kind. I have no idea how to do it, I just get so bored! But I realised I need the time to adjust from my regular job to my new plans so I'm having a week off before I get started and here's my tips for anyone else who also like to keep busy but still needs to relax.

1. Write. 
Writing is a great way to relax. If you're a fidgeter like me its a great way to keep busy but it also gives you the opportunity to think things over, and express yourself. Diaries are a great way to put your thoughts on paper, but writing songs, books, or poems are great too, and if you're a blogger get ahead and schedule the weeks posts. My perfect kind of relaxation day - Reflective + Productive!

2. Get outdoors
If you're feeling on edge, or not sure what to do with your time, getting outdoors is a great way to gain some perspective and take in that all important Vitamin D. I always find time spent outdoors (especially in the sun) really boosts the spirit, and gives you an energy reboot to make the rest of your day productive. I like to try and do this at least twice a day, just ten minutes can make such a difference.

3. Read
I like to combine these two, especially when summer is on the way. One of the few ways I can truly relax is when I'm sat in the sun, soaking up the heat, with a cup of tea and a good book. If your not careful you might lose a whole afternoon, but when you're trying to relax that's got to be a good thing!

4. Cook good food
This is yet another great way I find I can really unwind, and enjoy my time away from the office. Finding new recipes, heading to the shops for ingredients, and cooking up a good homemade meal is one of my favourite activities. From snacks, sweets and desserts, to full blown yummy dinners, Cooking is a great way to try something new, and spend some valuable time away from the computer screen. Plus you get something tasty (hopefully) at the end!

5. Tidy, Clean up, Clear out, Start afresh!
Last but not least, once my brain in refreshed, the clean air has given me my motivation back, and I'm full of good food, I love taking my time off to give my house a good clear out. I dream of being a minimalist but truth be told I spent most of my life finding it impossible to get rid of ANYTHING, so whenever I get the time I really try to clear out. Seeing your home getting closer to where you want it is great motivation, and every time something goes it'll get that little bit easier.
Watch this space - minimalist in the making!

So there's my suggestions.
To the professional relaxer this might not seem like the best list of ways to unwind, but for the person who likes to keep busy (like me!) I hope this is useful.

Let me know in the comments the ways you like to take time off, I'd love to try your tips and suggestions.
I'm off for more of that sunshine reading!

My first day in a new life and unsure of what to do with myself I followed my Father and Sister to Cardigan for a day out.

They were both off on a course so last minute I decided to tag along and enjoy a day in the sun. Although I'm sure I've been as a child I don't remember anything about Cardigan so for me this was going to be a fun mini adventure exploring the beauty that is my home country.

One of the smallest towns I've seen it still holds its own unique charms. Driving through some of the most beautiful architecture, I already felt I was going to love this place.

I decided to spend my day exploring the small stalls, winding side roads and hidden gems.
My journeys took me to old shop courtyards, still with authentic traditional food stalls, quaint local boutiques, the under restoration castle with gorgeous river views, and coincidentally to a craft fair which happened to be celebrating its last day - lucky me!

As the fates would have it I met with a wonderful lady at the craft fair and started my day with a good chat about craft, knitting, selling and the joys of applied work. Just one of the lovely things about craft is the community that comes with it. I feel like every crafter is a friend, with something in common but still so much new inspiration to offer.

One thing led to another and before I knew it I was being offered a place to sell my wares in Cardigan. Considering how unsure I'd been feeling since finishing my job and taking on this venture, it felt like a great coincidence to meet such a wonderful person and new contact on my first day on this craft adventure.
I want to go into this with my eyes wide open so I have a lot of reading and preparation to do before anything happens but I'm excited to already be stumbling across such possibilities - signs of a positive future!

(Definitely go check out her Etsy store because she makes some of the most darling traditional soft toys.)

I'm still finding my way between jobs but it was certainly a lovely day, and a chance to explore new places and make new friends.

Have you ever visited Wales? Do you have a favourite place of recommendation?
Bye for now!

If you've seen my last post you'll know that I'm going through a big change.
I've left my full-time typical teacher type job, to follow my artistic interests in craft, music, and drama.

To learn a little more about the big change you can read my last post here.

When I wrote that post I was on the biggest high. Coming to the realisation that I could choose to do the things that I love with my life was liberating.

In the past I've had mostly negative responses to wanting to follow any sort of non-typical job. I've heard suggestions that its inferior, not financially viable, a waste of type, even a joke - those kinds of comments from strangers, colleagues and even people you love can plant the most resilient seeds of doubt.
I got it in my head that I was looking for some sort of response to tell my what to do, but after months of hearing disapproval I realised I obviously wasn't looking for the answer, because everyone was telling me what they thought I should do, and I wasn't satisfied. What I wanted to hear was

"That sounds great, go for it!"

I just wasn't hearing what I wanted to hear, and on reflection I'd already known what I should do for a long time. The only thing holding me back was me. I think it's great to seek advice or support, but when you feel passionate about something don't let what other people think hold you back.

"Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong"  - Ella Fitzgerald.

I'm embarking on a brand new chapter in my life, and I couldn't be happier. My advice to you is embrace passion, go for your goals, and be your own inspiration.

Do you have a dream job? Have you taken the plunge, or are you thinking about it? 
Let me know in the comments.

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