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My first day in a new life and unsure of what to do with myself I followed my Father and Sister to Cardigan for a day out.

They were both off on a course so last minute I decided to tag along and enjoy a day in the sun. Although I'm sure I've been as a child I don't remember anything about Cardigan so for me this was going to be a fun mini adventure exploring the beauty that is my home country.

One of the smallest towns I've seen it still holds its own unique charms. Driving through some of the most beautiful architecture, I already felt I was going to love this place.

I decided to spend my day exploring the small stalls, winding side roads and hidden gems.
My journeys took me to old shop courtyards, still with authentic traditional food stalls, quaint local boutiques, the under restoration castle with gorgeous river views, and coincidentally to a craft fair which happened to be celebrating its last day - lucky me!

As the fates would have it I met with a wonderful lady at the craft fair and started my day with a good chat about craft, knitting, selling and the joys of applied work. Just one of the lovely things about craft is the community that comes with it. I feel like every crafter is a friend, with something in common but still so much new inspiration to offer.

One thing led to another and before I knew it I was being offered a place to sell my wares in Cardigan. Considering how unsure I'd been feeling since finishing my job and taking on this venture, it felt like a great coincidence to meet such a wonderful person and new contact on my first day on this craft adventure.
I want to go into this with my eyes wide open so I have a lot of reading and preparation to do before anything happens but I'm excited to already be stumbling across such possibilities - signs of a positive future!

(Definitely go check out her Etsy store because she makes some of the most darling traditional soft toys.)

I'm still finding my way between jobs but it was certainly a lovely day, and a chance to explore new places and make new friends.

Have you ever visited Wales? Do you have a favourite place of recommendation?
Bye for now!

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