How do you relax?


I recently finished my job (you can find out more about that here).

In the lead up to my last week I was giddy with excitement, I couldn't believe I was going to be giving it all up to follow my dreams.

But as the last day loomed I became more and more unsure about what I would do with my days.
On my last day I was done my 11am. The office was cleared, equipment returned, duties I got myself a cup of tea and decided to try and fill my afternoon. My colleagues were all insistent I go home, start my weekend early, enjoy the sun, but I was so nervous to not have a job (a conventional job) I held it off until 4pm.

It was the weirdest feeling. I was happy to be starting something new, but I couldn't quite get comfortable and relax into it.

Immediately I started to fill my time. My first Saturday off was spent on a day trip to Cardigan, and Sunday was spent helping my sister clear out her place.

Very quickly I came to the conclusions that I'm not the relaxing kind. I have no idea how to do it, I just get so bored! But I realised I need the time to adjust from my regular job to my new plans so I'm having a week off before I get started and here's my tips for anyone else who also like to keep busy but still needs to relax.

1. Write. 
Writing is a great way to relax. If you're a fidgeter like me its a great way to keep busy but it also gives you the opportunity to think things over, and express yourself. Diaries are a great way to put your thoughts on paper, but writing songs, books, or poems are great too, and if you're a blogger get ahead and schedule the weeks posts. My perfect kind of relaxation day - Reflective + Productive!

2. Get outdoors
If you're feeling on edge, or not sure what to do with your time, getting outdoors is a great way to gain some perspective and take in that all important Vitamin D. I always find time spent outdoors (especially in the sun) really boosts the spirit, and gives you an energy reboot to make the rest of your day productive. I like to try and do this at least twice a day, just ten minutes can make such a difference.

3. Read
I like to combine these two, especially when summer is on the way. One of the few ways I can truly relax is when I'm sat in the sun, soaking up the heat, with a cup of tea and a good book. If your not careful you might lose a whole afternoon, but when you're trying to relax that's got to be a good thing!

4. Cook good food
This is yet another great way I find I can really unwind, and enjoy my time away from the office. Finding new recipes, heading to the shops for ingredients, and cooking up a good homemade meal is one of my favourite activities. From snacks, sweets and desserts, to full blown yummy dinners, Cooking is a great way to try something new, and spend some valuable time away from the computer screen. Plus you get something tasty (hopefully) at the end!

5. Tidy, Clean up, Clear out, Start afresh!
Last but not least, once my brain in refreshed, the clean air has given me my motivation back, and I'm full of good food, I love taking my time off to give my house a good clear out. I dream of being a minimalist but truth be told I spent most of my life finding it impossible to get rid of ANYTHING, so whenever I get the time I really try to clear out. Seeing your home getting closer to where you want it is great motivation, and every time something goes it'll get that little bit easier.
Watch this space - minimalist in the making!

So there's my suggestions.
To the professional relaxer this might not seem like the best list of ways to unwind, but for the person who likes to keep busy (like me!) I hope this is useful.

Let me know in the comments the ways you like to take time off, I'd love to try your tips and suggestions.
I'm off for more of that sunshine reading!

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  1. I'm definitely the same, always need to be doing things even when relaxing! I do love cooking to keep me busy :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Cross stitching and gardening are my big things for relaxing. Bath and a cocktail does down well too!


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