Lately...Its all been musical #1


Time whizzes by when you’re not looking – this week certainly did.
The whole week has been a hubbub of activity so as it all comes to an end it’s nice to reflect on pleasant events and plans to come.
So I thought I might share them with you!

I’ve finally picked up driving lessons again. I really should have complete this years ago but coming from the Welsh country, I’ve always found that all my needs were within walking distance, and those that weren’t were but a ride away on public transport. I’ve actually become really accustomed to hopping on a bus or train, and have come to love being a passenger. Routes may be longer but boy are they beautiful. There is just nothing like drifting off into my own private world surrounded by a crowd of strangers.
But yes, the dreaded driving license has finally reared its head and is on my list of things to get over and done with. I’m sure once I have a car I’ll enjoy driving, but for now its really just a case of getting it done!

My brother also returned from Indonesia, which has been truly wonderful. Although we live hours apart, we regularly meet up as a family so having him return after three months, while my youngest sister also now lives abroad has brought mounds of happiness. Staying up late swapping stories and playing games (many many games) has been the highlight of my week.

I’ve also had a few new local custom orders for my crafts and my first order from the US of A which was very exciting! Although I would only call it a hobby business it has been so much fun to give my passions an outlet, and to receive such a positive response, a day never goes by that I don’t create something new!

The blog has also received a major overhaul. For two years its all appeared rather amateur, and primarily that is because I’ve had dreams of transforming it into an illustrated wonder. But after months of doodles I have come to realize that though I might want to draw everything myself, I simply don’t have the talent (yet!) so for now I’ve opted for a clean and classy look which I’m really pleased with. I still want to play around a little but for the time being I think its quite an upgrade don’t you?

Oh and last of all, Music, music, music!
If you’ve been here before (and if not hello!) you may have heard the odd comment about being a musician? Well I’m certainly not a professional but I can play a few instruments and I love to sing. For a while now I’ve been working on my own music but one thing that’s really held me back is my limited guitar knowledge. Other than the violin, all my musical abilities are self-taught and I just didn’t have enough technical ability to ever complete my songs to the standard I wanted. So I started taking guitar lessons and I’m hooked. My guitar is now strapped to my lap for the most part of everyday. The bonus of taking time off to pursue some passions means that I have my hours of time to improve and I’m in love. I really hope that with some time and hard work I can finally perfect those songs. Maybe they’ll even make it up here one day, who knows!

Its been a rather activity filled week and the future seems rather foggy but I’m content and enjoying finally giving myself over to some of my many passions.

What brought you happiness this week?

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