Lately I've had so much planning!

This week I had nothing planned. I thought I was going to have a relaxed week of reading, crafting and sunning myself.

So I was totally taken aback by the frantic planning that became me week.
To start off I was asked to house-sit in London (more on that soon).

On Tuesday I got the details for an Arts and Crafts festival I was invited to join this Autumn and I became very aware of the fact I've never run a workshop before - ever.
I've taught little kids maths, bigger kids violin, and students and adults of all ages a range of psychology topics, but crafts? never.

With nerves rising I thought I should probably get some practice in. I sent a post out on Facebook to see if anyone would be willing to be a guinea pig for a trial workshop and 1 hour later I had 5 people already signed up!

It was a huge surprise that anyone responded, but also really exciting.
The week turned into a hubbub of activity, planning, preparing and publishing the event.

I have to pinch myself that it's happening but I'm so excited.
If I can apply my teaching experience to craft workshops I know it will be a great success, and hopefully a lot of fun!

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