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I'm bringing in another new series to Theas Thinkings.

We've been very busy crafting of late, so I wanted to bring in a series that would bring back more variety to the blog. In my new "Staples" series I'm going to be doing something of a 'show and tell' surrounding life, travel, food, fashion...pretty much anything you can think of!
If you like this series please let me know anything you'd like to see as a future staple in the comments section.

Today is my Jewellery Staples.

I wouldn't say I have one particular style, my wardrobe is full of variety, and my outfits generally reflects my mood and personality on the day.
But for a little while now I've had a few staple pieces that are always my go to options.

I suppose there is something of a theme here, so maybe that's an indication of my true self. As I have olive skin I'm always drawn to warmer tones, brass, bronze, gold, copper, brown... These all pretty much fit under that category.

These are the first to show you. This leaf necklace I just adore. I feel like it goes with almost anything in my wardrobe, and I love that its a real leaf that's been ironized somehow (I may have just made up that word but you get where I'm going with it) - Magic!
Little fact, my nick name since I was a baby has always been "Leaf" so I've collected quite a few leaf necklaces over time.

The watch is a new addition and one I love. I like the subtle rose gold, but the deep chocolate leather strap and sleek think watch face is what drew me in. I also love that it doesn't have a second hand so its silent as a mouse.

Finally the necklace on the left, used to be a silver spoon! I bought this from the streets of Brooklyn, and watched it made for me there and then. I love it because it gives me a silver option, something I don't often wear, but paired with the dark leather strap its just perfect.

These rings I wear almost everyday. Both were heirlooms passed down by my mother, the first being hers, and the second being my grandmothers wedding ring. Both are incredibly precious to me.

The flower necklace was a new buy, bought at Cardiff craft and vintage market, and is a real dried orchid flower encased in a little glass globe. I like how it gives a burst of colour, and a statement piece to my more simple outfits.

Lastly, some bold brass. The solid round necklace is one I wear a lot. Again great for simple outfits needing a statement, it also looks really classy and smart when I need to look that little bit extra made up, and finally the wrap around bracelet I bought on the steps of the Eiffel Tower, Paris.

I love this because I don't really wear bangles or bracelets anymore but this is just so flexible, I can make it into any shape, or pattern, and use if as a bracelet, bangle, arm cuff or necklace! A real, keeper, I only wish I'd bought it in more colours!

So that's my staple jewellery collection.

What do you always turn to to complete an outfit? Leave me links in the comments.

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