Stocked up on cottons



I'm back with another Stocked up. If you've missed the beginning of this series you can find them here:

This week I've been getting all the bits and bobs I needed to finish off some Pips (projects in progress) that are well overdue for completion.

I won't give it away just yet but I'll share the finished project with you very soon!
As always I got a little carried away and bought far more than I needed but I just couldn't let go of anything. Some of these are still waiting for a project plan but the foxes, sheep and penguins are all lined up for Pips.
I just think they're so adorable!

These ribbons were also a bit of a "I can't not" purchase! I was looking for a single colour, but when I came across this gorgeous collection I knew I was going to have to get it. Look at the colours!

What's your favourite? Any suggestions for future projects?
I'm collecting ideas for a DIY series so let me know in the comments below if you'd like to see something crafty soon!

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