When I first decided to open my Etsy store my Celtic Knot Jewellery collection was the first thing to go in there, and is still my baby, my pride and joy.

Coming up with designs, choosing materials, making them and adding those finishing touches - everything that brought the collection to where it is today was a super special experience for me, and they are still my most popular pieces I take to craft fair.

So when my blog reached that 100 followers on Bloglovin' mark, I decided to not only give them the audience they deserve, but welcome the latest love knot bracelets to the collection with my first ever blog Giveaway!

I'm so excited to hold my first give away and hope you join in!
If your already following me anywhere on the Internet, thank you so much for all the support, and be sure to put your username into the giveaway to already start collecting those entries!

And if you're new here, welcome! Join in, wander around and say hello to the rest of the Thinking community.

It's been such a wonderful part of my life to have you all here and I couldn't be more thankful for everything blogging and the blogging community have brought me!


So to the important part!

How to enter:

Before you enter the giveaway head on over to my Etsy page and check out the full collection.
Everything in the collection comes in a range of colours and styles and the winner will have their piece made especially for them to their unique design and measurements!

This giveaway is open internationally so to enter simply follow the options in the Rafflecopter giveaway below and tell me in the comments section which piece is your favourite, what colour you would choose and how you would wear it!

The winner will first be announced on Facebook and Twitter. If you're the lucky winner you'll also be contacted directly for your postal details and get the piece you describe in the comments to your design!

Good Luck!

My breakfast this morning magically summed up my whole week in one berry!

Yes your probably thinking... but today's a Wednesday, the week was over days ago. Well yes, you'd be right, but it seems last week was just so fun I got caught up in it and might have possibly, maybe, forgotten to write this. Oops.

The good news is that it was such a lovely week. I had a few more days with the family before they all went off back to their corners of the world and we shared some special time trying new things and enjoying time together outside of technology related activities (rare in my world).

I also had the super happy news that my blog has reached 100 subscribers! I can't believe it really. I still remember when the first person hit that subscribe button and I was as giddy as a school girl. Well I still feel the same.

I never really wrote this blog with any need to gain a huge following, or even keep it up. I was in a place I needed to get out of but I just had no idea how the blogging community would do that for me.

I've spoken to some lovely people from all over the world, I've travelled to places I'd never planned, learnt skills I'd never ever thought of trying and found a small place in the world where I can just be myself and feel at home.

As a big BIG thank you to everyone who's followed my blog over the years and helped me get to the 100 milestone, I'm putting together my first giveaway. Not so very original I know but I promise it's going to be something a little different to most give aways and with any luck it will reflect my blog, myself and all of you through and through. 
My fingers are crossed that you'll like it and you'll join in!
And if you're new here, or we've never spoken before, drop by on twitter, and just say "hi".
I know that the blogging community is full of people but sometimes its easy to get lost in the crowd, so it would be lovely to hear from someone friendly and like minded!

Thank you so much to all of you.
It's only been a few weeks but with the Art Festival just around the corner I've been busy crafting!

In my last post I shared a new cosy blanket, but this week is quite different. For some time now I've been working on expansions to my Celtic Knot jewellery collection and although not a Celtic know these are the latest additions to my jewellery creations.

I shared a hidden snap shot of these in my first Wips and Pips post but I can finally show you the finished pieces.

I'm in love with the brass finishings on these but I also really liked how inter-changeable these are.

I've chosen contrasting colours which I thought add a unique focus piece to any outfit, but the extra bonus to these bracelets is that the colours can be swapped and changed.

So if you're feeling like having a green and blue bracelet, or purple and pink, you can simply swap them over!

I've also been experimenting with new yarns for the collection.

The rest of the collection (just like those in the first photo) are made with 100% cotton yarn, which gives them a good strong structure, beautiful colours and a smooth almost metallic shimmering finish.

But for these bracelets I've experimented with a new cotton with just a touch of polyamide and they've turned out super super soft, with more flexibility and a slight stretch so they can fit almost anyone without worrying about adjustments or waiting for custom orders. If you'd like one you can just pick it up and go!

I'm really pleased with them so I made an extra one just for myself and another for my sister which she loves.

If you'd like to take a look at these you can find them both in my Etsy shop now!

p.s. If you've made it to the end of the post, here's a little secret. The blog hit its first big milestone this week and to celebrate I'll be hosting my first ever give away very very soon. I'm so excited!! Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' to catch it.

Bye for now!
Hurray! Another cosy creation.

I'm not exactly sure where summer has gone. I know, hold your horses there's a few weeks to go but really...British weather - what happened this year?

Well lucky for me I've been working on some soft and comfy blankets and it's really put me in the mood for the looming autumn.

Pumpkins, autumn leaves, bonfires, country walks and wrapping up warm are just a few of the things about Autumn I can always feel excited for.

This summer I've been working on so many new projects and plans (you can read my latest WIPS post here) but this was one I was really pleased to finish. I love how its turned out, the colours are just perfect for the coming season an will hopefully bring someone as much happiness as it did me making it.

If you'd like to take a closer look you can here or have a look at some of my other knitted creations you can check out my Etsy store!
There's always new things coming in, so keep your eyes peeled for up coming projects.

I'd really like to know, when you pick out a blanket, what draws you in? Is it the colours, the pattern, the material, the feel? Leave a comment in the box below and let me know your thoughts.

I've never really understood why people hate the rain so much. Sure like most, if I have a meeting I don't want to turn up looking like a drowned rat, or if my hair will have its way a modern day bride of Frankenstein.

But when I've no place to be nothing beats the rain.

The sounds of rain hitting the leafy canopy or the paved street, watching the puddles fill and the birds preening themselves by the pond...the whole experience fills me with a sense of excitement, like something is coming.

Like opportunity is on the horizon.

Sitting here on my back step, with the door open wide, a cuppa on the side and only my guitar for company, I can't help but feel almost a thrill.

The world is full of amazing things, and I like that mother nature reminds us of that.
I'm eager to see what inspiration she brings.

When the week starts you never really know how it will unfold. I thrive on that sense of opportunity, of the unknown and the chance of something new.

This summer has flown by in a flash (can you believe kids are back in school in just a week?), so I was unsurprised to lose track of the days, but when I had the unanticipated visit from family my week became one jam packed with happiness and adventure.


I've had a house of 6 and among the chaos and the mess has been hours of laughter, silly dances, jokes, stories and quality time.

Highlights of my week have been ice creams on the beach, failed attempts at snooker, a steam train ride to a hidden fish and chips shop in the welsh country forest, home cooked meals, drinks and merriment, and with still have another week to go!

I find it hard to take my mind off work, duties and goals but I've really been able to let go of all that and I'm so thankful.

I feel so lucky to have such special people in my life. Although they can't all be here, my family is my life.

What's brought you happiness this week?

Buttons are something of an addiction of mine. There come in so many colours, sizes and designs I think I own more buttons than I know what to do with them! Still the great thing about buttons is how adaptable they are to pretty much any craft project.

You can use them in paper craft, yarn craft (of course), and embellishments or as functional decorations so I love to keep a good stock and plenty of variety.

This is some of the latest bits that have made it into my collection. I especially love the cats, that are too cute!

Do you have any fun and interesting ways you use buttons in your craft projects?


Sometimes a distraction can be the perfect thing to bring back your focus.

The last week has once again been rather busy with unexpected activity.

My older sister has been away and was in need of some last minute assistance so this week I became Shop Assistant for a small local boutique. Quite a nice change from my usual work from home environment.

At first I was happy to help but less excited about the work and even more worried about the distraction.
I was already concerned with the mounting things I was meant to or hoped to do that seemed to be piling up so to know i had a number of days I couldn't focus on them was worrying.

But my experience turned out to be a good one. Dedicating a number of days to pure productivity (even if it was to aid someone else) was a great way to re-focus on my priorities and give myself some fresh motivation.

I didn't realise how chaotic my thoughts had been and in actual fact I was probably being far less focused than I'd first thought. Spending time working on something else has really worked in my favour and brought much more clarity back into my days where I want to get my things done.

Of course life is something of a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, twists and turns, and the occasionally loop-di-loop but I'm really pleased with the way the week turned out and am really looking for ward to continue working on my goals and getting priorities into order.

To another brilliant week!
(I hope the sun visits us this time!)
Since my last WiPs & PiPs I've been busy working on quite a few new projects so I thought I'd give you an update.

In my last post I made my first ever baby garment, a jumper. It was so super cute I decided to start on another one this time with cute little short sleeves. I haven't finished this yet, I still need to add in the neck collar, button up front and finish the seams but I think it's going to turn out great. I'm really proud of how even the pattern turned out.

Next is more of an impromptu idea. I've been wanting to improve my pattern work especially ribbing so my plan was to make up some patchwork pieces. But when these first two were done I just really liked them as they were, and at roughly 35cm squares I've decided to back them and turn them into cushion covers! I think this could turn into a really fun and practical way to practise new patterns and ideas.

Last but not least I want to share with you this blanket with it about half way through.

. I love this self-patterning yarn and I've been trying to think of something great to do with it for so long i decided to go with a baby blanket or throw. In the past I used the same yarn but in different colours to make another baby blanket which you can find in my Etsy store, so once this is done it will go up to and they will make a nice matching pair!

All of these projects are close to completion so I hope to have them done and ready to share with you again as the final product!

Do you have a favourite?

Thanks for stopping by!

So if you read last weeks lately (you can read that here!) you'll know I went away.

For the last week I've set up home in the London suburbs with  the company of two beautiful black cats.
I've been house sitting.

When I was a child my mother took me to London. I remember very little, Madame Tussuad's, a giant turtle and my first Egyptian mummy are my only visual memories but what I recall the most was excitement and the thirsty eyes of a child exploring new cultures and peoples.

With that in mind I was thrilled to get the opportunity again to revisit those memories and spend a week in London with nothing but my thoughts and an oyster card.

I wonder if your typical tourist would be embarrassed by my sight seeing attempts, I didn't plan an itinerary or catch a tour bus. I didn't even see many sights, but what I did do was explore on foot much of the city, catching views of green open parks and stunning architecture from every era.

Each day I set out mid-morning after some quality time with the cats, a relaxed (if competitive, thank you cats) breakfast, and a chapter or two. I had but one goal in mind, to see things I've not seen before and I can say with confidence that goal I accomplished.

It was an experience to be had, and when all was done I was back to my housesit to the adoring affection of two whiskered friends, who gave me a run for my money I can tell you (more on that in my Travel diaries!).
I've forgotten the pleasures of a feline companion, and it was a real treat.

The thing I love about cats is how caring but independent they are. They will ask for affection but only when they feel like it, and if you don't have the energy right now they won't whine or sulk they have other things to get on with. They sometimes demand attention but they don't 'need' it. They have minds and personalities of their own. They remind me of what humans might be like if they were more honest with each other.
Yes I like cats, so I really enjoyed caring for them this week and look forward to the next housesit.

The next week will be a busy one and hopefully a very productive one.
Now I'm home and I've had time to reflect on my week I can see the timeout has given me some spring back in my step, so lets not waste it!

How's your week been?

 It’s been a while since I did one of these and I should probably confess that this is a little bit of a cheat as I’m not in an airport, I’m in a train station. In fact more accurately I’m on the train ready to head home.

For the last week I’ve been in London. My first time since I was just a child and another opportunity to travel solo, my favourite way to go.

This trip was a little more awkward than my normal journeys. Typically you fancy a change of scenery, find an area you’d like to go and things you’d like to do and then you book your travel and accommodation. This time round I was approached by a person in need of a house sitter (if you’d like to know more about housesitting let me know and I’ll write a post soon). She lived in London and needed someone to care for her three cats for a week while she was away.

I accepted the place, so now I had somewhere to stay, I was going to London, and I needed to book my travel and figure out just what I was going to do with myself! Just a little topsy-turvy!

My thoughts have been very scattered of late so I was really hoping this would be the perfect time to figure it all out and work on me.

Fast forward a week and I’m headed home again. I’m not sure what to take from the whole week, I found it really hard to relax and contemplate but with some luck and some time back at home again I’ll have a better take on how the week went.

Still, I did far more than I’d planned and really enjoyed London. It’s certainly not for everyone but I really think I could thrive there, who knows maybe London is where the future is. Maybe.

Do you ever find yourself feeling a little lost like I am?

I think it's a rare thing to know with confidence your “one true calling” and I wonder more that that’s really just a sociological construct, and ideal, a silly question with post to children “what do you want to be when you grow up” and maybe for the most of us, there is no one calling, just lots of paths and passages that intertwine and overlap, some only short and others taking us from one end of life to the other.

Let me know your thoughts…
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