Lately... my life's been full of love


My breakfast this morning magically summed up my whole week in one berry!

Yes your probably thinking... but today's a Wednesday, the week was over days ago. Well yes, you'd be right, but it seems last week was just so fun I got caught up in it and might have possibly, maybe, forgotten to write this. Oops.

The good news is that it was such a lovely week. I had a few more days with the family before they all went off back to their corners of the world and we shared some special time trying new things and enjoying time together outside of technology related activities (rare in my world).

I also had the super happy news that my blog has reached 100 subscribers! I can't believe it really. I still remember when the first person hit that subscribe button and I was as giddy as a school girl. Well I still feel the same.

I never really wrote this blog with any need to gain a huge following, or even keep it up. I was in a place I needed to get out of but I just had no idea how the blogging community would do that for me.

I've spoken to some lovely people from all over the world, I've travelled to places I'd never planned, learnt skills I'd never ever thought of trying and found a small place in the world where I can just be myself and feel at home.

As a big BIG thank you to everyone who's followed my blog over the years and helped me get to the 100 milestone, I'm putting together my first giveaway. Not so very original I know but I promise it's going to be something a little different to most give aways and with any luck it will reflect my blog, myself and all of you through and through. 
My fingers are crossed that you'll like it and you'll join in!
And if you're new here, or we've never spoken before, drop by on twitter, and just say "hi".
I know that the blogging community is full of people but sometimes its easy to get lost in the crowd, so it would be lovely to hear from someone friendly and like minded!

Thank you so much to all of you.

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