Lately… I’m riding this roller coaster that is life!


A title that well and truly prepares you for the anti-climax that is probably more a realistic taste of life right now, but an accurate description of my feelings.

The last week has been a real up and down of emotions. I’ve had that “what am I doing with my life?” mid-week crisis, the excitement of music festivals, the exhaustion of preparations for my own festival, and an array of other feelings to accompany them. But today I want to remind myself of the highlights that have really made my week.

Live Music – Going in reverse order, I start with this weekend where I worked at Big Tribute Music Festival. Although I’ve been to gigs and concerts this was actually my first festival experience and I really enjoyed it. A friend of mine owns the local old-fashioned sweet shop (I know, he’s a real life Willy Wonka). Well very last minute he was suddenly left high and dry with no help for the festival, so I put up my hand and volunteered to help run the sweet shop at the festival. It was such a fun weekend, I have no idea how I resisted the urge to scoff all the stock, but the best part of the weekend had to be the music. All the tribute bands were top rated, I loved the vibe, the family feel, and spending my whole day getting paid to have a centre stage view!

Finished projects – In the lead up to my coming Art Festival I’ve been busy finishing projects ready for my stall. Its been really good to finally finish so many projects I’ve had sitting in the background ready to be done!

Reaching 100 followers – Well this happened the week before but still, I hit 100 followers! Only one of the best and never envisioned feelings in the world! I never really focussed on how many followers I had, but it’s such a great feeling to know that 100 people out there in the world enjoy the small nuggets of my mind that make in out into the ether! If I haven’t already said it enough thank you thank you!

My first giveaway! – As a thank you to all those people who’ve followed, commented or engaged with my social media online I wanted to hold my first give away. I’ve tried to keep it very me, and a little different to most blog giveaways so I’m giving a piece of jewellery from my etsy shop made by me for you! If you’d like to enter follow this link, and the simple instructions to be in with a chance of winning!

The changing weather – Last but not least, I can't help but feel excitement for the changing weather. Summer came and went so quickly I was disappointed to see it go, but I can’t help but smile for the thoughts of what this cooler weather will bring. Autumn is by far my favourite season, and Winter brings Christmas which is all sorts of yay! So I’m looking forward in anticipation to the months that follow.

So that’s a quick summary of my week! I’d love to know in the comments, what your favourite thing is about the coming of Autumn and Winter!


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