Lately I've closed a few windows and opened some doors

This last few weeks have been a head long rush towards the end of some small and some big steps in my life.

If I haven't already mentioned it enough times I presented at my first Arts Festival, quite an achievement for me. Only a few months ago I left a job and chose to fill some of that new found time exploring my creativity.
One of those things was crafting. Soon it lead to opening up shop on Etsy, invites to have my wares in other peoples stores and finally led to this: The INSPIRE Creative Arts Festival.

It's been a challenging week of new lessons and experiences, but I'm thankful for having been involved. In presenting I realised two pretty important things about my crafting goals:

1) Crafting is something I love, I'm more than happy to dedicate time to,
and with some hard work I can make some extra pocket money along the way (bonus).

2) With so many unexpected opportunities showing up, 
I've dedicated much more of my time to crafts 
than I'd ever planned so now the festival is over, I look forward to 
getting back on track with some of my bigger life goals.

The start of this week marked the end of the Festival and the beginning of much more free time.

It was also quickly followed by a very important scan for a big health milestone that will hopefully change my life. I've never planned on posting about my health or hidden illnesses, but depending on how this goes, and if there's any interest for it I might fill you in on this in the future. But for now, just know it's a big game changer for me and although I'm terrified I'm also very excited for what the future might hold.

(Oh I'm also on the count down to finally getting a drivers licence, it is way, I mean years, almost decades...overdue!).

And finally I've had time to really focus on the things that matter in life. Improving my overall quality of life and lifestyle, and spending much enjoyed timing working on my two biggest loves, music and performing.

So it's been a week of great changes all round.
I look forward to seeing where things go from here and of course keeping you clued in as I go.

So how's your week been?


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