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A couple of months ago I did that thing when you start a blog post (My staple jewellery collection) and think “hey I could make this a regular thing” and then you know life happens and ideas become little dust clouds in the hidden depths of your brain. Well yeah, that happened. (Do you get that?)

But ta da! I remembered, yay, so onto the next one.

Music plays a huge part in my life. As a musician and an avid listener I’m always looking for new inspiration, artists or genres that can really draw feeling out of you, whether that's happy get ready to embrace the world music, or harmonies that allow you to dwell on important thoughts and feelings. But there are just some artists and albums that I go back to time and time again.

It was really hard picking out just a few bit these are some of my all time staples that get me through the week.

James - such a peaceful voice. I have his newer album Post Tropical too, but Early in the morning is my all time favourite. It really calms me down and helps me reflect on life.
Looks like a weird cover huh? You can't see the writing very clear (sorry!) but this is one of my most played albums ever "Kin" by IamamIwhoamI. From Sweden, I love their music and absolutely every album is brilliant. Not a band but electronic music and audio visual artists, every song contributes to a collective, each with brilliant music videos telling beautiful stories. A really talented group that I think I listen to more than anyone else!

My guilty pleasure and the next most played artist on my list. I wouldn't say any one album is more a favourite than the other but Taylor Swift just has that way of making me feel good!

Another beaut! My sister first introduced me to Foster the People, they have soem great songs and I like how up-beat they are. Great for walks and starting my day.

And saved till last one of my absolute all time favourite bands. From France, Cocoon produce such beautiful music. Very acoustic, some perfect harmonies and one the best things I ever learnt to play on guitar.

I just have to have music at the ready wherever I might be so I also carry my ipod around without fail (I’m sure you probably do too) and my music saviour at the moment has to be Skull candy! They haven’t sponsored this at all, and don’t know I’m writing this but I just wanted to say how super great they’ve been.

I’m always just super chuffed with the quality of the headphones especially because they were really cheap compared to some other brands. So when mine got a fault I was devastated to have to go without all week and worried they wouldn’t help because I’d bought them in the US. But customer services were awesome. They sent me a brand new pair (and an upgrade) totally free. Nothing tops good customer service! So now my new headphones will be my best friend from now on!

Do you have any artists or albums that never fail you? Let me know in the comments I’m always looking to find a new muse!


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