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Buying gifts can be such a joy if you know what you’re looking for or what you’re loved ones would like. If you don't know what you're looking for though, it can sometimes feel a little monotonous or worse, you're simply stuck.

I want to show you that buying gifts doesn’t have to be painful, or unoriginal. You can buy stunning, unique and interesting gifts by getting just a little creative and looking in different places.

I’ve scoured the Internet and off the high street boutiques, to hand pick some unique, quirky and individual pieces that would make perfect gifts for your friends and family. Many of these come from small business, gifted artists and talented crafters, and will hopefully provide you with some wonderful inspiration!

First on my list to show you is this stylish Pantone Milk Jug (*from I want one of those, IWOOT).  I really love the clean and bold design of all Pantone's homeware, plus they also make the perfect gift for anyone with a creative and culinary flare. In case you aren't familiar with Pantone they are one of the most famous producers of colour pigments for all things creative and crafty. So for the crafter or art geeks out there, Pantone homeware is such a fun idea.

IWOOT also have a whole range of fun and interesting products that make for great gifts.
You can find something for everyone  by checking out their Christmas Gifts page!

You also really don't have to spend a lot of money to find fun and unique gifts for your friends who love to get creative in the kitchen.

I recently went exploring the hidden treasure in all my local boutique shops and came across these adorable cupcake cases by (dotcomgiftshop, £1.95). They also do a whole range of fun decorations, crockery and Tupperware in this design which make great gifts for all your adult (big kid) friends and your little kids too. dotcomgiftshop is a treasure trove of fun and sweet ideas for gifts and all so affordable.

Just goes to show you really can get something special and unique by shopping locally and supporting small business without breaking the bank.

I bought these in a lovely boutique called Polly in West Wales, but I also found them online (dotcomgiftshop) for you if you'd like to treat someone (or yourself!) to them this Christmas!

If you're looking for something to really treat someone to some natural beauty and relaxation *TheNakedSkinCareCompany is perfect.

I have literally fallen in love with these products from TheNakedSkinCareCompany. When I came across this local business on one of Twitters #handmadehour chats, I had to get in touch and I'm so pleased to feature them here. I love the ethos of only using simple natural ingredients and pure essential oils, the combination of scents are just so unique (and to die for!) 

From the packaging and beautiful tags to the scents wafting through the box, you can see just how much effort is put into each and everyone of the handmade products down to the final presentation. 

Having tried and tested them myself I can truly say how perfectly harmonious the scent combinations are. The Ylang Patchouli & Orange bath bomb, and Rosemary bath bombs were such natural, raw and subtle blends my muscles instantly relaxed letting my mind wander and my worries clear. 

But I must say, of them all, the Sandalwood & Geranium bath bomb was the perfect remedy for my busy week. Finished off with the delicate scents of the Sweet Orange & Frankincense Hydrating skin balm I felt totally replenished, my mind now clear and my skin well nourished. The balm really goes a long way too so I know it's going to last and it'll make a staple in my beauty routine.

I can be really picky with bath products and find that some can just be so over whelming but the blends in all TheNakedSkinCareCompany are perfect to unwind without being overpowering and feel incredibly nourishing on my usually dry skin, now silky soft. Bliss!

At only £2.50 for bath bombs and £8.95 for the skin balm these also make for perfect and special gifts for your friends who love to use natural products and treat the body to some well needed pampering. These products will also be making there way into a Christmas gift set very soon so keep your eyes out for that!

For a full list of all the ingredients and their great natural properties for the nourishment and health or your body and the calming benefits for your mind be sure to visit the website!

While on my adventures through the hidden streets of my home town I had to head to my favourite boutique of all time Her Dandy Wolf, a small local business in Aberystwyth, Wales. They source and stock some of the most stunning pieces from all over and I never leave without something new and unique to add to my home and my wardrobe. This trip was no exception as I found these three beautiful pieces all from housedoctor and again, so affordable.

The wonderful thing about supporting small businesses is that you know you're going to get something that no one else has, and you can really find some artistic, stylish and functional pieces that can add a bold and beautiful statement to any collection. Artistic but functional pieces make for the most perfect gifts! This bold geometric pattern bag was only (£14.95) and the brass statement necklaces were (£13.50, £11, left to right).

housedoctor is one of my favourite companies for modern home decor and personal styling, they have everything from furnishings and carpets to jewellery! Again I got these in my local boutique but I tracked them down online for you to pick up too and check out the full range on the website and find a webstore or boutique stocking them near your.

Last but not least, if you're looking for something especially artistic this season illustrations can make for a wonderful gift. Not only especially unique, illustrations can come in such a wide range of mediums and presentations you can find something that truly reflects your personality. Both beautiful and functional art work has to be one of the most memorable and treasured gifts I've ever received.

*Sarah Lovell's precious illustrations are no exception and make for wonderful gifts all year round! I find it impossible to choose a favourite among all her stunning drawings, but I'm so personally drawn to the tattooed Illustrated Animal range (£3.50), and know that the Three Friends Under the Stars print (£15, also available as A6 card £2.95) will be taking pride of place in my friends new nursery.  By framing 3 of the bicycle cards (£2.95) I've also made a wonderful hanging piece too. (All prices inc. UK postage too!)

All the cards come with a coloured envelope and are blank inside so you can use them for any occasion and fill them to be more personable. All the cards have also been hand illustrated and printed on Dorset 'Carbon Captured' paper with biodegradable inks making them truly local to the UK and environmentally friendly too (brownie points from me!)

She has such a range of illustrations from A6 cards up to A3 prints including some wonderful Limited editions (Midsummer Night Fairground A3 Print, £18. See image 1). 

Each is so individual, details and beautifully pigmented, to see the full collections you have to visit her website.

Sarah also has a range of illustrations that she's made into these gorgeous colouring books (£4.95), each with its own naturalistic theme. From Wildlife to Minibeasts, each image comes with a lovely description and a page for you to draw your own illustrations. These make the perfect gift for adults and children alike. Let your loved ones sit back, relax and let their minds wander into the magical and therapeutic illustrated world of Sarah Lovell.

For more of Sarah's designs, prints and illustrations be sure to visit the website, and sign up to her Newsletter for regular updates on what she's up to, where she might be, new illustrations and special offers!

So that's my Gift ideas! With each of the items I've selected, I've tried to make them both beautiful and functional.

Each and everyone one of these small businesses and talented creators provides something special and unique, making for exciting gifts you're friends and family would never expect!
When you shop this year look for something a little different, something you know no else is going to have, and shows you care not only for your loved ones but for supporting local business.

You can find some wonderful ideas by shopping around, whether your hunting on Etsy, Folksy or even by joining in a chat like #crafthour or #handmadehour on twitter.

I hope I've given you some inspiration for gift ideas, and if you head over to any of the creators I've shown you today let them know I sent you!

Here's the links to each of the businesses and creators I've included today so you can go and check out there full range!:

TheNakedSkinCareCompany (WebsiteFacebookTwitter; Pinterest)
housedoctor (WebsiteFacebookInstagramPinterest)
Sarah Lovell Art (Website; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Pinterest)

You can also find all of these items and more on my Pinterest boards with links to everything on their websites!

If you'd like to see more unique and special way you give gifts to your loves ones let me know, I'd love to do more of these in the future.

I hope you have a lovely day and I'll speak to you very soon!

*Some items were provided for review (marked with *). All views and opinions are my own.

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