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Hello, How’s your week been?

Last week I was clinging onto those last warm moments, but I’m finally starting to feel the chill of Winter hiding around the corner. Hot water bottles are prepped and at the ready, I’m stocked up on Teas, Coffees, and Hot chocolate. Oh and wool, lots of wool, because you know knitting is pretty much a survival technique now.

Do you find your creativity sparks when the leaves turn red? The Autumn and Winter are by far my most creative months. With less sunlight and the vital need of blankets and woolly socks, you can find me throughout the colder months huddles up somewhere in a swamp of cosy, thinking up new ideas with some sort of creative tool in my hands.

So its unsurprising that this year it no different than any other. Except that it is. No no, I’m still crafting, but I’m also excited to add a new dimension to my creative practises this year, and that is:


Hmm not quite what you might have been thinking.

This year has been an especially important year for me in communicating and developing new relationships with other creative individuals in the UK and around the world.

With those relationships blossoming, I’ve decided I really want to try and use this platform to show case those individuals that have really inspired me with their creativity and talent.

Over the coming months I hope to bring you some new and exciting posts to highlight and collaborate with many of those creators. I really hope you’ll be as enthused as I am.

If you’d also like to get involved let me know! I’m always excited to see new work, and make new friends. The online community is an incredible place we just need to learn how to use it, to get past the superficial to the real.

Don't worry if creativity isn't your thing because as always the blog will remain as eclectic as I am!

So it’s been a busy week, but I can’t wait to share it all with you very soon.

If you haven’t got any creative plans this Autumn or Winter, head over to Pinterest and get inspired!

See ya and have fun!

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