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Hello, its that time of the week again! As I write this I've just woken up and I'm sitting in bed watching the sun rise.

Does anyone else like to sleep with the windows open? I just love to fall asleep watching the moon, and wake up naturally as the sun light slowly fills my room.

And another side note - I made bead last weekend. Can we just look at it for a second?
I mean it's not GBBO but it's not bad eh!

I digress, OK lets get to it!
This week has given me a number of challenges (good and bad) but I feel like I've dealt with all of them in a way that I can really be proud of.

Last week I promised to take some time out from other responsibilities and just focus on me and I'm pleased to say I kept to my promise.
Despite having family visiting all week (which of course I love) I've still managed to take plenty of time for me and have keep on top of this blog which in itself was a quite an achievement for me, and I've made some great progress.

I started the week with a post that really means a lot to me.

Within moments of posting I had several people respond on twitter with such lovely comments it felt great to be so open with the blogging community, and reminded me of the importance of writing what I want and not what sometimes feels is expected of you.

I only have a small readership, but to be honest maybe that's a blessing. I really can write whatever I want without feeling so much pressure, or worrying about numbers, and actually it seems that when I truly write from the heart, those are the posts that get the most views anyway! It's nice to be able to trust myself, and have trust in you guys too, that you'll only ever be supportive when I open up. Makes me very proud of my little space.

I've just felt so motivated to blog lately, it was a great way to start my week and only served to push me further. I've really put some effort into organising and scheduling my posts, planning ahead for whatever materials I might need, writing in advance so I can look back and edit when its nearer posting time... Looking at my calendar I'm still pretty amazed at myself, that bar a few photos I'm all set for the rest of the month. That has to be a record for me!

I've also made some big commitments on other areas of my life. I recently mentioned applying for a bursary. It was a scary thing for me to do, but even though I found out this week I didn't get it I'm proud I did it.
It made me push myself to step outside the comfort zone, and go for the things I want in life.

It taught me some valuable lessons about myself. When I was younger (and still now at times) I spent much of my life seeking self-worth from the people around me. So when I applied for this bursary at first I think I fell back into old habits. I felt that if I got it I would somehow be more worthy of following this new path, than if I just did it myself.
But going through the process reminded me of the importance of finding self-worth within yourself (an often scary thing to do), because ultimately only you can decide which path you take.
So despite not winning the bursary, I'm going to go for it anyway and I've booked myself onto a course for the beginning of next year.
I'm really excited to try something new, and keep pushing myself, and of course I'll keep you posted.

I really hope I can keep my momentum going and look forward to seeing where life, and this blog take me next.

Hope you're having a super relaxed weekend and I'll speak to you soon!

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