Limited Edition Alice inspired bookmarks


I’m a real book worm. I could get lost in books for weeks on end if I didn’t need to eat, sleep, or you know – have a real job.

But what I love about books is just how much they can invoke imagery of things and places you never thought were possible, and yet in your mind they can be so real, and while you're in that book it's almost real.

Alice in Wonderland was one of those books for me. It was such a magical, peculiar but still exhilarating read for my child self that those feelings have stayed with me and I can still read that story cover to cover with that same sense of wonderment.

So wanting to practice patterns, and pick up a new knitting projects I ventured into my treasure trove of beads, jewels and yarns and out came these:

They’re made with 100% cotton and you’ll find each unique bookmark has it’s own Alice inspired pendant to keep your page.

These have been selling quickly at the INSPIRE Creative Arts Festival, but I still have a few left you can now find in my Etsy shop. I’ve only made one or two of each so these are really special.

I hope you like them and if you’d like to see any other themes in the shop let me know and I’ll love to try them.

Bye for now!

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