This Anime Affair

Lately I’ve wanted to share a lot more about the parts of life I love, the stuff I can’t live without, and the things that make me, Me.

So to introduce you to another side of myself we’re going to delve into the wonderful world of Anime!

If you’d asked me what anime was when I was younger I would have had no idea what you were talking about, but little did I know I was already watching it!

When I look back at the movies that remind me of my childhood one in particular stands out above all the rest. It’s the film I watched the most, remember the strongest emotional response to and has to be my earliest memory of ever watching a film.

It was Laputa: Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miyazaki.

It was the most enchanting world I had ever envisioned and it filled me with the most powerful feelings of hope, excitement and anticipation. It wasn’t until I started my teens that I think I ever thought to question if there actually was a castle hidden in the clouds (because of course there is!), and to this day I always look up to swarming cloud forms and imagine the possibilities hiding within their depths.

Sheta! It’s time for breakfast
My father took that picture from an airship.
He loved to fly.
It’s Laputa—the floating island.
An island that floats in the sky?
Yep. Most people think it’s just a legend… but Dad actually saw it.
That’s a picture of his airship.
[Wind whistling] [Thunder] He said it was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen.
And that’s the only picture he was able to take.
It looked like a castle just floating there in the sky.
But take a look at this, Sheeta.
Dad kept a journal, and he made all sorts…
Of drawings of Laputa, see?
There it is. He drew the castle…
And also what he thought the people’d look like.
He was sure the castle was filled with treasure…
But nobody believed him.
They called him a liar.
Being called a liar is what killed him.
But I am gonna prove that my dad was no liar, Sheeta.
As soon as I’m done building this plane…
I’m gonna take off and find Laputa myself…

I think that’s what gave me the goal to learn to pilot a plane. Getting my licence is still on my to-do list for the future!

It started my love affair with Anime, and over the years I’ve grown to love it more and more, in all its colours and characters. But a few of my other favourites films are Nausicaa, How's Moving Castle and 5 Centimeters per second. Everyone can make me cry!

I’ve got a great and growing love for all things Anime, so hopefully I’ll share a few more in the future! Do you like Anime, and have you got any favourites? Let me know, I’m always looking to find something new!

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