To Autumn, and many more years...


I was musing over my time here in the blogosphere and decided to take a look back at some of the first posts I ever wrote to see where I’ve come from and if anything’s changed.

It was on this day, 6th November 2013 I began blogging (Happy Blogiversary me!). I'd  had a lot on my plate in the year leading up to that day (and plenty more still to come) so after months of consideration I decided it was time to start my space and reflect on all that had bought me to that day and where I wanted to go from there on out.

Being new to the world of blogging I started simple, venturing out into my surroundings and sharing my musings on life and things. My first post was published exactly two years today marking looking back at Bonfire night the day before.

In the same vein of though my second post was a look at Autumn, my favourite time of year and a season of reflection and change. So in the throws of nostalgia I've once again taken to walking the same path I did that day to re-live my early blogging memories. Wrap up warm and come along…

Autumn has certainly come later this year, and the leaves are still very green, but things are turning. I'm not sure my photography has improved that much in my two years of blogging, but I know its had a much greater impact on my sense of self. Blogging has given me a wonderful platform to reflect on life, love, loss and taking control of my future.

Blogging has become a key part of my life and I can't imagine that changing any time soon, but wherever I go and however long this journey may be I'm thankful for the experience and the learning I've achieved.

All the signs of change that Autumn brings give me a nervous energy that something new is on the horizon and I can’t wait to experience it! Wherever you are in your journey I hope that something good is around the corner for you.

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