I’ve had a straight ten days with barely any online time. I’d pretend I haven’t loved it but it’s been bliss. It’s definitely reminded me to be more organised with my blogging, and to only go online with purpose.

Recovering from surgery has been more than frustrating at times but it’s also given me a very real excuse to take some time off and do quite literally nothing (of outward value anyway!) without feeling any sort of guilt.

It’s actually been so nourishing for my mind I feel much more calm going into 2016 so it would appear the surgery I was dreading actually happened to come at a rather apt moment I do think.

This year has been absolutely full of ups and downs. I’ve had a really mixed bag of experiences, some challenging (more than I would have hoped and some rewarding.

A snap shot of my year goes a little something like this (in a sort of logical order)

  1. Taking my first adult job (with an actually adult wage!)
  2. Shortly after realising that job might not be the right one for me and making the challenging decision to decline a contract renewal.
  3. Grappling with the challenges of going it alone and taking myself out there to show case my crafts, create new artistic connections and explore that side of my interests.
  4. Expanding on my creative ambitions and taking further time to focus on the things I want from life.
  5. Dealing with the mental struggle of choosing unemployment/self employment in the search for my true goals.
  6. Taking the plunge into the world of music by seeking a coach and begin a new journey into creative expression.
  7. Getting my drivers licence!
  8. Taking regular trips to and from a number of hospitals and finally getting a surgery date after 15 years of exploratory procedures and 2 years on a waiting list.
  9. Venturing to London on a solo mission to explore new opportunities and places. House sitting two cats, losing one, finding one, and loving them both equally.
  10. And finally ending the year by taking action to heal parts of my body, mind and spirit (more on that soon.)

 Yes, little did I know what a surgery date would spur, but it certainly came at the most opportune time.

My recovery period has been consistently prolonged with each specialist I’ve seen, which was at first incredibly frustrating but with time I actually now think it couldn’t have been a better time for it. I’ve had many weeks of recuperation, luckily in part with the company of the people I hold dear (and can also rely on to help me!), and all that time has given me a very valuable opportunity to do some healing, both physically and emotionally in time for the New year (with new starts and all those spring time clichés).

I don’t think there’s ever any special need to keep new starts for specific points in time but there is certainly something beneficial in planning and giving yourself the opportunity to prepare (I would quote some studies but, you know, I’m having time off!)

I’m leaving behind 2015 with far less regret than I thought I might. This time has really allowed me to reflect on where I’ve been and let go of any lingering feelings I might have had, and truly open up to the possibilities the future will bring.

I go into the New Year feeling optimistic and somewhat refreshed. Every day is an improvement on the last. I look forward to continuing my road to recovery (on all levels) and forming a path for myself to drive my future in the way of my long-term goals.

I’ll add in a mandatory Christmas bit here and say as always it’s been manic! – but lovely. Having a puppy around was definitely a new experience for me (good luck getting her out of the wrapping paper!) but now onto another year.

I hope you’ve had a special winter season and you’re looking forward to the Spring with as much optimism as I am.

See you on the other side!
Hi guys!

It's almost the end of my second week following hip surgery. By now I'm sure you've heard me mention it enough times (here, and here!) but as I'm pretty immobile at the moment its at the forefront of my mind most of the time.

On a positive note I'm doing pretty well. My stitches came out on Monday, a lot of the pain has gone and day by day I can tell the stiffness is fading which is really good news. But I'm also trying to be realistic. I had a consolation with my Physiotherapist for the first time yesterday and the reality is things are going to take much more time than I'd hoped. We're looking at many many more months before I'm back to normal.

I'm telling you this not for sympathy but just because I really want to be honest with you. I'm trying my very hardest to keep on top of things and do my best to stick to my blogging schedule. With everything that's happened I'm not doing terribly but my usual 4 posts a week hasn't been happening.

In reality the reason I'm writing a little less is not because of pain or anything like that but being as immobile as I am at the moment makes it really challenging to do anything worth documenting, or even something as simple as taking a photo. I'm on crutches so holding a camera is not easy. 

Really, I just don't want to be cheating you with poor posts or terrible photos because I'm struggling to move. So I wanted you to know I'm trying my hardest. When I can I'll be posting as often as I can but I don't want to rush anything and give you a half finished version of something.

That means that sadly some of the posts I'd intended to do this season are going to have to be re-thought, or changed but hopefully as the new year comes around things will begin to return to normal.

This is going to be a long recovery but I'm doing everything I can to keep some sort of normal life in the mean time.

I hope you understand and can stick by me through this.  I really appreciate all your patience!!

If you have any fun stories, anecdotes, Youtube videos or anything like that you want to pass on to help me pass the time please feel free to share them in the comments! It would make my day.

Thank you!

It’s the countdown to Christmas! Only 8 days to go and no doubt the present panic has set in!

(If you’re looking for last minute ideas I’ve put together a creative Christmas gift list here).

For the first time in years I’m actually really organised! Everything’s bought and wrapping is in progress. I think I find the wrapping one of the most exciting parts about Christmas. Being able to put them all neatly parcelled under the tree… that’s the best feeling.

If you’re getting ready to wrap your gifts you might be looking for some creative inspiration to give your presents that something special. To give you some inspiration I’ve put together a capsule of my favourite Pins to get you going.

I really tried to be environmentally conscious and limit my waste at this time of year. With that in mind, I’ve chosen some fun creative ideas that can either be reused, re-purposed or use recycled materials.

You can find all pins Christmassey here, but here are some of my favourites.




I love how much you can do by simply repurposing these materials.
And you can make decorations and embellishments too!




I can't get over how adorable they are!

Finally, here’s one that I’ve been doing for a while now. Three Christmases ago I became really conscious of how much wrapping paper gets thrown away every year and I really wanted to change that. I decided to make individual wrappings of my own that I could use year on year. I made one for each of my relatives so I could not only make something reusable, but also could become something of an annual tradition, and could eventually be passed down to each of them to either re-use themselves or pass on to further generations sort of like heirlooms.

So I went down to my local yarn store and picked up some beautiful yarns and made individual wrapping cloths for each of my family members. It might sound a little strange I know but they went down really well. Everyone really loves them and each year I find a different ribbon to still give them that something special and unique. They’ve turned out really beautiful and having searched the web I can see lots of other people have done the same thing too.

If you wanted to do something similar you wouldn’t have to go out and make them yourself but you can still buy your own fabric or even beautiful scarves that you can use again next year or re-purpose into something else.

So those are a few of the ideas I've collected this season. However you wrap your presents this year I hope you enjoy getting creative and Merry Christmas!

p.s. Do you have any fun Christmas crafts you like to do every year? Let me know in the comments below!

Hey guys!

How’ve you been? I'm doing really well with my recovery (read my surgery post here) and think I'll be back on my feet sooner than planned (fingers crossed)!

So while I'm sitting around recouperating I've had plenty of time to inspect the fruits of my "life cleanse" labour. Before my surgery, and for a long time now I’ve been regularly going through my possessions (*coughs* - junk), my clothes, my DVDs, everything and trying to down size.

It’s been a really liberating process and the more I shift the more motivated I feel to keep going.

I'm at the point I find myself much less attached to my clutter, I'm thinking more about what I really ‘need’ in my life, and more importantly what I would like to live without.

So with that in mind I thought I'd give myself a little challenge: If I was to up and leave today and I could only pick up one item from each category what would I take with me?
I've gone for the things that take up the best part of what's left in my space and probably the categories I find hardest to choose from.

Up first is Snacks
Yup. My snacks take up way more space than they really should but I’m terrible for getting cravings so it has to be done. If I could only keep one though this is super easy, it would be crisps. Any sort of crisps. Actually hold on… (returns with giant Doritos share bag that I’m not going to share). I do like sweets and chocolate but the last few years I’ve really not been that fussed on them, I’m always having savoury cravings so if you ever want to bring me treats - please - crisps!

Beauty products come in and out of my life. I like to wear make up but most of the time I don’t. I’m quite comfortable to walk around in my own skin, and having such oily skin as I do that’s a good thing too. It gives my skin plenty of time to get some fresh air and keep those pesky blemishes at bay.
If I could only keep one beauty product it would have to be something skin and body related. I’m a sucker for new skin care products and my must have at all times is a good moisturiser. I have very confused skin, it gets really dry but oils up like a crazy thing in no time, plus I have sensitive skin, a handful of allergies and more blemishes than should be fair in your late twenties. So a trusty moisturiser is my absolutely, vitally important, can’t live without it, beauty product.

This one’s tricky. I’ve never really stuck to a particular style, or followed trends so my wardrobe is a really mishmash of eclectic styles. For me that works perfectly, it reflects my personalities and allows me to enjoy whatever mood each new day brings. But, forcing myself to choose one item… it would have to be… jeans. How boring. A few years ago I would have said skirts hands down but with my old age (I kid) my choices in skirts have become more and more conservative and frankly jeans are just plain convenient. You can still style them up, but they also let you go comfy and go with pretty much anything. So I’m going with jeans… no pumps… no jeans…

House and Home
This one I wasn’t too sure on because I share a home with my siblings and much of the furnishings are family bits so I don’t have all that much that’s really my own. Saying that I do love Home styling’s and I really can’t wait to make my first home my own. So for now I’m going to go with plants. Whatever the décor I have to surround myself with greenery, but preferably greenery that won’t die on me immediately!

Ah, my pride and joy! Over the years I have built up a shockingly big craft collection. I have no idea how it happened but there it is and boy is it magical. I love coming across new embellishments, trying new mediums and purchasing fancy new tools I thought only existed in my dreams. Still my love for craft started in one place and that place will always be where my heart lies. So without having to question it my one take away from my entire crafting obsession would be my knitting needles...and some wool...I'll try to cut it down. My one true love.

I don’t actually own that many gadgets. I’ve bought plenty in the past but its been an age since I had a working pair of straighteners, or a phone with a battery that lasted more than 12 hours (guilty confession = actually I just ordered a new fancy phone for the first time in 4 years so add that to the list!), so it’s going to have to be a toss up between my computer and my hair dryer! Deep down I think I know the answer is the computer but that makes me very sad for the hair dryer and my poor poor untameable hair!

Last but defnitely not least - Books

Well I’ve thought about it and…
…nope! I'm keeping them all.

Well you can't be perfect! So that’s my list. If I could only keep one thing those are the choices I would make!
Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts and I’ve not called this a tag but if you decide to do a list yourself let me know in the comments. I’d love to know what your essentials would be!

Until next time, have a lovely day, wherever you are!
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