Surgery Day


As this publishes I’m lying down on a bed that’s not my own rolling down the hall of a building I don’t live in, and as you finish reading this I’ll be drifting off into a drug induced sleep.

This is an important day in my life, and my journey to full health. Today I’m undergoing major surgery to hopefully improve a physical condition that leaves me in pain all the time.

Some time ago I got the go ahead for this surgery and after a period of silence to get to grips with it I wrote this post to explain a little about what had been going on in my life and my thoughts.

Coming to grips with the idea that my condition might or might not improve was a really big moment in my life. At first I went into panic mode. I thought ‘maybe I’ve taken this too far – surgery??? I can’t do that!’ All alarms were blaring.

But after the many throws of emotion that followed and coming to terms with the procedure, it’s all finally lead up to this day. Today could be a really game changer for me.

Once upon a time I had ambitions of being a performer. A challenging choice I know – but one I was determined to take despite the risks. For me it was not meant to be and now a lot of time has passed and my chances of ever becoming a dancer have been and gone but my choices don’t have to end there. I’ve been giving a rare opportunity to significantly improve my situation and rekindle some of those long lost passions.

The next 90 minutes will determine the rest of my physical fitness. I won’t pretend I’m not afraid but I’m also excited – Excited for what the future might hold.

Someone recently told me not to hope, because hope inherently hides an element of doubt. So I’m not hoping, I’m going in knowing that I’m doing all I can and whatever the outcome my life is going to change.

I look forward to sharing it with you. So here’s to the next 90 minutes!

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