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In December I reached out to the blogging community (here and here) to find other bloggers like me who just didn't click with the sometimes impersonal nature of social media interactions and were looking to get to know other bloggers better, the old fashioned way.

It was brilliant to receive such a warm response and I was so happy to be able to connect up bloggers around the world, and get to know a few myself as well! A big big thank you to everyone who's joined in, I really hope you've started some great friendships!

Receiving your letters in the post was so exciting, and I loved just how much more personal they were than online interactions (it worked!). I felt like I quickly got to know some lovely people in the blogging community, and already feel much more a part of the bigger blogosphere than I did before. This week I've sent out letters again and I hope to get to know each of you even more.

For those of you who've sent me letter you might be wondering where I've been, well I've explained all in my letter, but if you read my blog you'll also know that up until recently I've been house bound following surgery, so hopefully you'll forgive me! 

But in case you don't know what I'm talking about you can find out more about that too.

Surgery Day

Recovery and Recuperation

Health aside I wanted to reach out again to anyone who'd like to join in our littler blogger snail mail community. I know I've really enjoyed getting to know you and I'd love to keep growing the community. If you'd like to get involved you can leave me a comment or contact me on twitter for more information, or if you're happy and want to dive straight in you can go to the home page and sign up right now!

I love reading and responding to all your letters, and hope one day we all might meet in person too!

If you're not signed up yet, have you ever joined a blogger snail mail before? and what are your thoughts on social media vs. the old fashioned pen and paper method?

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  1. I miss snail mail! I had penpals years ago and then moved onto a project called Postcard X (I think!), but haven't done anything lately apart from the odd book swap.

    1. It's been really nice to get letters in the post that aren't bills!! It's been nice to actually "talk" for a change too which I don't find happens online all the time, not really.

      Those sound great though. I love the book swap, I don't know I could do it though! I'm way to attached to my books :D x

  2. This sounds like a fantastic idea! I'd love to know more. How many bloggers are involved at the moment?
    Amber -

    1. Hi Amber, glad you like it. There's only a dozen of us at the moment but we're growing all the time and you'd be more than welcome!

  3. Love this idea! How can I get involved? :)

    1. Hi Lisa! oh easy, just fill in the form at the top of the sidebar and you're good to go. I'll put you in touch with someone later this week! Any more questions drop me a message on twitter @theasthinkings x


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