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In my last travel diaries we went back to San Francisco from my two month solo travels across America. I've been feeling pretty nostalgic again this week so I've revisited more of my travel photos and wanted to share some more of them with you.

This time we're heading back to Los Angeles. This crazy city has some real lovers and some serious haters, I can see the reasons for both, but for me LA is the place I miss the most. If I could go back tomorrow I would.

During my travels I spent the longest time in LA so I have plenty of photos to share but today we'll focus on just one topic. If you stay tuned and follow me on bloglovin', I'll be sharing the rest of my adventures very soon!

If you love creativity LA is full of it. You can find it almost everywhere - walking down the sidewalk, high up in the hills, surrounding the beaches, of course its many art galleries and museums, and even out among the hustle and bustle.

There was so much to see I certainly didn't see it all, but I wanted to share some of my favourites with you. These come from the many galleries I visited and the unexpected places I stumbled upon while out walking and urban exploring. Walking is definitely not the done thing in LA but if you do you can come across some great things.

Maybe not art, but while I was waiting for a tour it sure tasted like art!

The escalator that took you into the sky!

and the view from the top...

OK well in this last one you can't see the instalment at all but it was a series of beautiful enormous copper sloping walls but at least there's proof I was really there! One of the few selfies during my trip!

I find Art so exciting and up-lifting. The incredible way it can provoke such an unexpected response, it really draws a lot out of me and lets me contemplate the greatest and simplest things in life.

Are you an art fan? Have you ever visited the galleries in LA, or do you have a favourite somewhere in the world? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I'm currently stuck in a wanderlust state, desperate to travel, so I'm definitely adding LA to my list. I love the cultural and creative aspects of cities, so it's nice to see the artwork and galleries, not just the sunny beaches of LA!xx

    Lissy ♥

    1. Haha well the beaches are nice too but they're not everything!
      Oh go for it you'll have a brilliant time. LA is definitely one to add to the list, my only regrets was not renting a car out there. There's so much more to see if you can drive, I really only touched the tip of the iceberg! Hope you do go adventuring and have a fab time! x


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