OK let's have a catch up shall we? Quick catch up, quick catch up...

Right, well. I plan to let you know in much greater detail very soon just what on earth I've been up to during this magical vanishing act, but for now fear not the blog's not going anywhere, I'm just all scatter brained, please forgive me!

The long and short of things is I've moved! Just a few short weeks ago I was a Welsh tranquil seaside blogger, but in the speedy passing of just a few weeks I've become a trendy (scoff) big city gal, living and loving in London town.

It's been a whirl wind adventure with much back and forth, plenty of chaos but mostly bundles of excitement.

For many a year I've had life ambitions left untouched but 2016 has become a year of target hitting and list ticking. I feel like I'm whizzing through all my goals and I'm pretty darn proud of my adult life skills at the moment!

I've lived in something of a bubble since...well 2012, four years...far too long and the blog has lived in the bubble with me. It's going to be an exciting new chapter of my life here in the big smoke and I'm excited to see where that takes my blogging and Youtube channel.

I've really missed blogging over the past few weeks and as things settle down into more of a steady rythmn I really look forward to getting back to it, but please bear with my while I iron out the bumps.

I hope I can stick to my usual Monday and Friday blogging routine, and fingers crossed I'll be back to weekly Youtube uploads in no time too, but just in case I'm sending love to everyone out there, and especially to all the lovely ladies and gents on the blogger snail mail list. I haven't forgotten you I'm just navigating new foreign lands. I know you'll understand.

Until we speak very very soon, bye for now!
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