It's the middle of the week and if you're anything like me between work and play you've got a gazillion blog posts to publish and for more reasons that you can count half of them are no where near ready to go! 

When I blogged a few weeks ago about struggling to blog and trying to find my blogging identity I heard from quite a few of you through twitter offering your words of encouragement and support. 

I really want to thank all of you for being such a wonderful and uplifting community, I'm so thankful to be a part of it! 

Well more to the point though, you inspired me to take action so on a search for shared experience I took to twitter to ask all of you 5 questions about blogging motivation. What stops those posts going up and what you do to keep yourself on track (or get back on it!). 

Here's what you had to say:
32% of you said the hardest part of getting those blog posts published was writing them! I found that really comforting. So often do I find myself struggling for the words, or re-writing posts I'd already completed. Finding the angle you're looking for, writing in an engaging way and keeping to who you are can be quite a challenge!

And for some people just mustering that energy to sit down at the screen and start can be the hardest part of blogging.

For me the hardest thing is getting my photos done. I always have so many ideas for posts, and plenty of drafts written but getting the oomph to plan, set up and shoot photos is always the thing that takes the longest. Like Jamie said finding the right lighting in winter is hard too! I know some bloggers invest in lighting so I'm definitely considering it. Do you have any tips for getting your photos done? Do you write your posts first, or take photos first?
It was really interesting to see what motivates people to get proactive with their blog, and responses were really mixed, but it looks like most bloggers swear by a good routine.

I must admit in the past I've been really on top of TheasThinkings when I've had a good fixed routine in place but I find I have to be in the right frame of mind when starting a new one. You don't want to put pressure on yourself when your not ready. It's important to read the signs and trust yourself.

Coming back to photos again! Stocking up on images and ideas it on almost everyone's list! I can't go anywhere without a trusty notebook, plus its a great excuse to fuel my stationary addiction!!!

I was surprised how few people are using spreadsheets though, I admit I'm way behind these days but in my blogging heyday (I'm on the way back!) spreadsheets were my bible. I planned out all my posts, what categories they fell into, I set deadlines and kept a track of what had been done (writing, photos, etc) and what was still to do - It was brilliant!

Does anyone else use spreadsheets, or if you don't would you like to see how I've been using them?

It looks like a lot of people are going digital now too, I'm terrible at using apps, I don't take advantage of half the capabilities of my phone, but you've inspired me to try more. I do keep notes on my phone when inspirations hits on the tube, but that's my lot! I need to get on this!

Well that I found unsurprising, I definitely love to find a cosy nook to write in, but I also love writing in public spaces. The change of scenery and buzz of activity definitely make a refreshing change and kick starts my brain into action!

Well thank you so much to everyone who voted and left comments. We had almost 200 responses in the end which came as a complete surprise! I think I might start doing a regular weekend Q&A about blogging. If you'd enjoy taking part leave some suggestions for a great #hashtag and I'll announce the new hashtag next time!

Final thoughts - If you have any thoughts on blogger struggles and how to keep yourself motivated to keep posting leave your comments in the box below, it would be great to share ideas!

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