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Release Date 6th April!


The sequel to the bestselling YA debut from international phenomenon Cecilia Ahern...
When we embrace all our flaws, that's when we can finally become PERFECT.

"There's the person who you think you should be and there's the person who you really are. I've lost a sense of both"

I'm Flawed.
But I'm a survivor.
And I'm not about to give up..."

This sequel is the perfect follow on from Cecilia Ahern's bestselling YA Debut of 2016 - 'Flawed'. Following the life of the young Celestine, living in a dystopian society where ideals are strictly upheld and punishments are fierce. 

In 'Perfect', Celestine finds herself in hiding and on the run, but will she get caught? Filled with plot twists, adventure, action and a smidgen of romance, Cecilia tells a gripping tale of one young woman's fight for freedom. Will she escape this perfect world, or will she find perfection in her flaws?

With this new novel also comes the chance to take the test yourself! Are you perfect?
I tried the game to find out and...

Well innocent old me was convinced I'd come out on top but I got branded!
The Guild has judged me FLAWED with a morality score of 30% and a sentence of 4 brands...ouch.

If you'd like to take the test and find out how perfectly flawed you are you can give it a go yourself.

Would you rather be perfect or branded flawed? 

The Review

And so to the review...I'm not normally one to read Young Adult fiction. I consider myself a little bit passed it now...she says in her later 20s (early life crisis?!). But being a fan of Cecilia's other works, like P.S. I love you, when I was offered the chance to review the sequel to the best selling novel 'Flawed' I was more than happy to give it a try and I'm pleased to say it opened my eyes to the YA genre.

Celestine is a young, intelligent girl fighting for equality and against the branding society has put on her. Despite her kindness, determination and brilliant personality she still finds herself doubting her abilities and her place in the world. Regardless of your age as a reader she's a character that's immediately relatable to all of us.

From the off I found Perfect and incredibly smooth and easy read. The writing moves with a quick pace and keeps you gripped from start to finish, I couldn't put it down. In total honesty I was worried - I hadn't read 'Flawed' and I'm usually a stickler for starting at the beginning but I really didn't need to worry, the book is a great read in it's own right. Despite my limited knowledge I never felt lost or left behind, Cecilia has a way of writing that keeps you filled in without being overly indulgent by repeating too much from the previous book - Something I really appreciate as a serial series reader.

Broken into small bitesize chapters, Perfect makes for an easy 417 page read. If ever I had 5 minutes to spare I could pick it up, speed through 3 chapters and carry on with my day (although lets be honest I stormed through it in a matter of days, I didn't want to put it down).

I think we can all see how the standards of the morality court also reflect the lives we live as well. Perfect may be set in a dystopian world, and the punishment of branding may be more fierce, but I'm sure we've all felt unjustly judged at one point or another by our peers or society around us. And when the lines between good and bad aren't so simple as you might think, even you or I might be branded flawed in Celestine's world.

Well the game may have branded me four times for being Flawed, but now I've finished I'll keep my brands. I'd much rather be flawed than perfect.

Author bio

Cecilia Ahern resides in Ireland and is the award-winning and bestselling author of many novels, including P.S I Love You and Love, Rosie - both of which were major motion pictures. FLAWED, her Young Adult debut, was the bestselling new YA title of 2016, and this is the much anticipated sequel.

Release day is 6th April. If you'd like to purchase the book you can do so here.
And if you've already been lucky enough to get your hands on a copy let me know what you thought in the box below - but remember - no spoilers!

#Ad - This is a sponsored book review. All content, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I didn't even know Ahern had done any YA. I love some of her work especially A Place Called Here so i'll try and seek this and Flawed out

    1. Oh really? Well I'll definitely check out your recommendation too, I'm always hunting down new books from great authors!x


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