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We've come to the end of the #ConfidentMeA&E series and I can't believe it's gone so quickly! I've really enjoyed reading and sharing the experiences and stories of all my fellow wonderful bloggers, and to everyone who took part a huge thank you!

But before we go, we have an article from the lovely Julia from The Part-Time Mermaid, sharing her struggles with Anxiety and how she's learned to overcome her battles. So to say goodbye I hand you over to Julia...

Whenever people ask me if there's anything I really hate about blogging-I tell them it's the 'Anxiety debate'. I've noticed many readers and also fellow bloggers claim that some bloggers or vloggers tell their viewers and readers about their battle with anxiety, although they don't even suffer from it and use this mental illness for views and gaining attention and sympathy.
As a blogger and someone who used to suffer from social anxiety severely it really REALLY annoys me and also makes me sad that someone would think that. I have noticed that a lot of bloggers and vloggers suffer from anxiety and I think it's because we all use the same coping mechanism and some of us have a pretty similar background mental health wise. 
Blogging has helped me so much therefore I wanted to share what kept me going and how I eventually managed to deal with it!

1. Fake it 'til you make it

That's probably my favourite quote and also had a huge impact on my mental health. When I moved to London to study at University, the fact that I had a whole new life ahead of me was amazing. I could be someone entirely different, meet new people and explore new places... A mindset like this coming from someone who couldn't stroll across the High School campus without feeling like everyone was judging me and laughing at me is what made me realise that I might be able to just give a f**k about other people's opinions one day. So I managed to get on a plane all by myself, travel to a country I've only ever been for four days many years ago and move my blue suitcase in a shared dorm room. Looking back now I honestly don't know how I managed to do that but it was a huge achievement for me and still is-it kept me going. I met my roommate the next day who turned out to be the loveliest babe. Feeling so accepted in a very foreign place made my confidence grow and grow every single day. I pretended to be a happy, confident girl although sometimes I felt like on the verge of a panic attack and other times I wanted to hide in the corner of the library instead of sitting on an exposed sofa near the staircase. But in those months of pretending I didn't notice I was becoming the person I was claiming to be. My achievements became bigger and bigger and my confidence is still constantly growing.

2. Blogging

I feel like blogging was not only a creative outlet and stress relief from University work, I also felt so loved and accepted and thankful for my tiny audience. I might sometimes be disappointed that my views are not as high as some other blogger's but looking back it was perfect to get to know the blogging world and not as intimidating. 
Another thing I value about the whole blogging thing is the lovely community. So many girls and guys on twitter offer their help to fellow bloggers everyday and it makes me believe that the world is not such a hateful place after all.

3. My therapist

I consulted a therapist after my boyfriend had to go overseas due to business reasons for several months and I felt so alone in this big city. Whenever I felt lonely in the first year of Uni, I'd go into our dorm room and have a girl's pamper night and feel all happy again. But having moved into an apartment with my boyfriend who then had to travel for so long took a huge toll on me. Moreover our relationship was relatively new at that time and overall I felt incredibly overwhelmed and insecure. Having a weekly chat with a professional really helped to boost my confidence and I want everyone to know who's not in a good place mentally that there's nothing to be ashamed of and it helped me and many other so much! 

How are you dealing with Anxiety and what's your opinion on the whole 'Anxiety debate' ? 

Thanks so much for reading and to everyone who's shared the message of building confidence and self-development. Especially a huge thank you to all the bloggers who've taken part. I've loved hosting this series and couldn't ask for a better bunch of bloggers to join me for the journey.

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