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You can ask anyone who knows me - I'm a fresh food gal.

I've never owned a freezer and if I've ever lived with someone who did, my frozen food has come to the grand total of peas - because they are my life blood - and yorkshire puddings - because, do I really need to explain?

Also can we just say

A yorkshire pud, piled high with peas and drowning in gravy...oh buddy!
Anyway I'm going off track, back to the present.

So yes, I've just never been one for frozen food. I love to cook. I love the whole thing, deciding what to cook, collecting up my ingredients, trying something new, and seeing a healthy meal served up compliments of moi... It's just such a satisfying process, and it's something I've always loved to share with you as well. I don't claim to be a talented chef by any means but I have some meals I go to time and time again, my soups and casseroles to name just two. In fact I put together a post of my favourite easy cooks a while back - time for another one you think?

Even so, I won't lie there are times I just don't have the energy to cook a big meal, and 9 days out of 10 my lunch comes in sandwich form bough from the nearest Supermarket I can find. So when I was invited to test out Everdine* - a clean eating subscription box - I have mixed feelings.

On one level healthy convenience, and on the other my worst enemy - the frozen meal. To make my final decision I checked out the website and the menu on offer. I have to admit it looked pretty yummy. The meals were all exciting, with a wide range of options, some meat, some fish, some vegan, all clean eating and ethically sourced I decided to give it the chance and ordered my first 8 meal box to arrive in a couple of days.

When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised, it was packed well with recyclable materials and ice packs to keep it cool and insulated until my meals made it into the freezer, and the meals looked as health and delicious as they had on the website.

In my first box, I decided to go for a real mix of options and after some tough decision making chose the below:

Falafel Shwarma
Speckled Lentil Chilli with Parisienn Potatoes
BBQ pulled pork with boston beans
Cherry & Hoisin Duck with Wilted Greens
Cajun Blackened Salmon
King Prawn Miso Ramen
Slow Cooked Beef and Beetroot Bourguignon
Sea Bream Thai Curry

Each of them comes a full meal ready made. One thing I especially liked was that it's not just a main, the meal comes with all it's needed accompaniments making a beautifully balanced healthy meal. Each one comes with easy heating instructions for the microwave or oven and it's as simple as that.

At first I was unsure of frozen food but I can honesty say Everdine has totally changed me view on the freezer. No longer do I get cooking dread when I'm tired after a long day, because I know I've got something delicious waiting for me, not just a cheap and fatty macaroni cheese (we've all been there!) and I'm finally eating a real hot meal for lunch everyday!

So will I be ordering another box?


The menu at Everdine is changing and expanding all the time, so there's always something new to try and with boxes of 8 or 12 (which works out cheaper per meal) I can stock up easily and then put my subscription on pause until I need a new one. With an option for a Vegetarian box as well there's a box for almost everyone!

I won't lie - my only reservation was that the cost of a box is a little pricey, at £55.20 for 8 meals that works out at £6.90 so it's not for times when your trying to save money, but for the convenience of a beautiful, clean eating and ethically sourced meal right out of the freezer, I think it's worth the cost for an occasion box for those lazy days and last minute lunches.

Plus with my discount code I can hopefully help you out as well. If you'd like to test Everdine out for yourself you can us my discount code for £30 off your first box - for an 8 meal box that works out at just £3.15 a meal - less that my usual soggy sandwich meal deal! A real bargain to stock up that freezer!

I'm really glad I gave it a shot and will definitely be ordering my next box soon. I'm beginning to get the subscription box bug, and have already tried a few food subscription services so if you'd like to see some more food reviews let me know in the comments below. Let me know your recommendations as well I'd love to try them out!

*I was gifted a subscription box, but was not sponsored for this post. All views and opinions are my own.

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