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I'm Thea.
A Psychologist by day and blogger by night, working and living in the beautiful rolling hills of Wales.

These past few years blogging have opened my eyes to so many wonderful and exciting opportunities. I've travelled to distant parts of the worlds, tested my limits and explored my creative side finding more passions that I could have ever imagined.

On my blog you'll find personal insights into invisible illnesses, health, well-being and self-discovery.

You'll also see me Home styling, trying my hand at up-cycling, restoration and interior design on a budget and a host of DIY projects that anyone (with a willingness to get a little messy) can do!

I'm also a lover of the arts, music, literature, film and theatre so you'll find plenty of posts show casing art from around the UK, my own creations, and all my music and drama experiences.

If all that's not enough there's also recipes, fashion and style, and even some health beauty - and now a new Youtube channel to top things of, so there's really something for everyone!

I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to extend a friendly hand. Drop by my social media, (@theasthinkings) contact me on theasthinkings@gmail.com or even join the #bloggersnailmail community - we're growing all the time!

See you soon!


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