Starting with a Bang


Happy Guy Fawkes night!

I've been wanting to start a blog for a long time now, and I thought what better time than to kick it off on one of the best nights of the year! This night holds lots of strong memories for me and tonight I wanted to share a little snippet with you.

Aberystwyth at night!

Bonfire night has always been a family event in this household, and every year we do something different. This year I decided to climb to the highest point of my town and watch all the different firework displays go off across the area.

The wind certainly gave me a run for my money, but here's a few of the sparkly views across the town.

Fireworks across the Aberystwyth skies

What did you do for Guy Fawkes?

Until next time, toodlepip!


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  1. Hi Thea,
    I saw your comment on my blog post on the one on my my mother and honestly it brought tears to my eyes. I haven't found anyone who gets it. Those words you wrote really got to especially because I was thinking about her and I saw your comment...It was like fate. Reading through your blog,I feel like we are very alike and have the same experiences like you said. Summary of ramblings is that I wanted to say thank you for offering to be my listening ear.

    Lope xoxo ||

    1. I'm sorry I didn't spot this earlier! You're totally welcome! It was nice for me too to find that someone is in the same position. None of my friends have lost someone and we never talk about it ever so it was really comforting for me to find your post too :)


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