That's just my life!

Hello again!

Well it's arrived a bit later than usual but as you'll find out that's just my life! This month has been such a busy one and time has been short. Luckily this has been a top priority and so fear not - a new blog post is here!

I realised early on this month that there was just so much going on it would be impossible to fill you in on everything, but then I thought why not save it all for one big blog post at the end of the month and make a series of it!
So here it is - Episode 1...

That's just my life!

In this series I'm going to be taking you all the way through the month, the exciting happenings, the crafty creations, the food fun, the events, shops and everything in between!

Without further ado, let's jump to!

As this is episode one I think we're allowed to cheat a little so we're going to start just before November begins! I started this busy month with a trip down to Cardiff to watch Daughter live in concert. The set was so amazing and the support artist Indians was really incredible. I went out and bought his album immediately and have been an addict ever since! I would highly recommend checking his music out!

 And then came Halloween! I don't know about you but I'm just a fiend for halloween and dressing up is an absolute must! This year I was very lucky to be invited to Nanteos Mansion Murder Mystery Evening! The theme was "The Great Gatsby" and throughout the beautiful five course meal we were introduced to characters, we witnessed brawls, multiple murders and assisted the detective in identifying and capturing the murderer!

This was the bar room where we were all served gin and lemonade before the meal - yummy!

I'm both proud and ashamed to admit I won the prize for "most imaginative murder!" and was called up on stage to accept my award!

Of course not long after halloween we can't forget Guy Fawkes night! This year I climbed to the highest point of my town and watched all the celebrations go off across the city. It was so beautiful, if not a bit on the nippy side! I wrote about it here.

There was then a moment of lapse where I was introduced to American Horror Story and lost a week of my life to it's amazingness! I can't believe it has taken me so long to get on board this ship but my goodness I'm never getting off! I am loving the American Horror Story.

Do you know what it is yet? :)

Moving swiftly on! I've been squeezing in every craft or food fair I can this season and I've been bringing home a bunch of crafty treats and ideas for the festive season! If you follow me on twitter @theasthinkings you'll know all about it! One crafty christmas challenge is well underway and you'll be finding out about it very soon so keep your eyes peeled -  it's already had a sneaky mention here earlier this month.

This week must have been the busiest of all. I'm very lucky to have a lovely family, but as they live all over the UK I've been having daily birthday celebrations starting on Monday with my sister, and Tuesday with my Pops!
We went for this lovely Tapas meal that was so good I'm tempted to give the restaurant it's own blog review soon, and might even add in some quick and easy tapas recipes as I'm such a devil for Tapas!

Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see some recipes for cheap and cheerful tapas for when you have friends round for a glass or two!

The picture doesn't give it justice (sorry!) but wow it was so amazing!

Midweek I also went to see the all incredible Bellowhead live in concert and had the most amazing time! For those who don't know, Bellowhead produce some of the most incredible folk music in the world and give a phenomenal live performance. They've been quoted before as best live folk band in Britain and they weren't lying!

Last night was just as fun as I went to the Christmas fairground for my annual family ride! I love going to the fair and I swear the older you get the better the "hook a duck" gets! I love to go on the rides, but I love the little stalls and challenges like the darts or the rifle range just as much! It brings back so many sweet childhood memories I would never miss a year!

Tesco goldfish anyone?!
Well then...when I haven't been crafting, dining, celebrating, or dancing my little socks off to some incredible live music I've also been busy splurging on some beauty treats to give my skin some winter TLC, my nails some sparkle and my wardrobe some christmas cheer! I haven't done a haul yet, but hopefully you'll see some coming soon!

Oof we're almost there - Last but not least! Next weekend I am super excited to say I'm heading off to Bristol to see Naked and Famous in concert and to get some christmas shopping in while I'm there. It will certainly be a great end to an epic month, and no doubt I'll be updating you on the whole event very soon!

Christmas is coming!!!
And that brings us to now! If you haven't already seen it, next month I'm going to be doing a Camera Countdown to Christmas starting on December 1st. If you don't know what it is, or if you want to get involved click here to find out more!

I've had so much fun this month and just as much fun writing this post, I hope you've enjoyed it too. If you'd like to see more posts like this or something new please let me know in the comments and I'll be more than glad to oblige! 

You can also get regular updates on all my daily antics by following me on twitter @theasthinkings. 

Before you go, leave a comment and let me know what you've been up to this month, or if you have any plans for the festive season!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you back soon!


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