Countdown to Christmas Day #12!

It's Day 12! Yippee only 12 days to go till Santa comes to visit!
How's your Christmas spirit? Still feeling festive? Well in all honesty I felt like I was running out of steam this morning. I was sitting at my kitchen table thinking "now what makes a Christmas breakfast?"...Well, I couldn't think of anything so here's my attempt:

Step one: A big dollop of your favourite natural yoghurt (low fat optional). Mine is a simple Vanilla Rachel's Dairy.

Step two: Plenty of Oat Flakes and Granola. I love Kellog's Chocolate Granola, but you can use whatever flavour you like best.

Hmm...Not sounding very Christmassy yet? Right then...

Step three: Sprinkle on a generous handful of Christmas Snowflake!

There we go, much better right? OK so it might not be that healthy but it tastes scrummy!

Step Four: To finish off, add a nice hot cup of tea and a good read.

And there we have it! My rather cheated attempt at making breakfast just a little more festive!

What tips to you have to add a little Christmas to your meals? I'd love hear your ideas.

Until tomorrow, bye for now!xx

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