Countdown to Christmas Day #18


When I've been scouting for those little Christmas trinkets for around the house, for me, less is certainly more. The storage space in my house is really small, well what's left of it anyway so when I'm looking for Christmas decorations I try to find little things that just add a bit more of a festive feel to the small corners of the house.

When I came across these mini bell wreaths in poundland I had to pick up a couple! Not only do they sound so sweet, they look really cute too and I think they add a tiny touch of Christmas without going over the top. I just think they're so sweet I might even get away with using them all year round. What do you think?

You might also notice the lack of order to my books. I haven't had a chance to re-order them since I moved. (Yes that is the Sega Lemmings game - ah Sega... *childhood*)

If you've missed any of the Countdown to Christmas have a scroll down the right hand side bar and catch up on my daily Christmas posts.

Until another episode tomorrow, bye for now!

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