My not quite Christmas OOTD


I hope you're enjoying the lead up to Christmas and that you're Xmas shopping is well underway!

Not so long ago I went on a huge Christmas shopping trip with my lovely little sister and I was planning to do a Christmas Knit wear Haul, only when I arrived home (after my very very long 9 hour journey!) I realised that my Christmas haul had become more of...well just a knitwear haul as nothing I bought had a christmas theme (oops!)

So instead, I've decided to do my Outfit of the day to show case some of the things I bought! This is my first OOTD and I'm certainly not a fashionista but I've really enjoyed doing this so hopefully you will enjoy it too!

Without further ado, here's my Winter OOTD! I hope you like it!

Coat Gharani Strok (TK Maxx)|Jumper H&M|Jeans 7Forallmankind|Shoes Office

I'm obsessed with this shabby style coat and its cute roll up sleeves. It's 30% wool too so it's super warm. The jumper from H&M is probably one of my favourite buys in a long time, I really love the chunky pattern and the slightly shorter length shows off the line of the jeans.

If you are on the look out for new jeans, these are definitely not cheap but one of the best investments I've ever made (and I think you can get some good discounts on Amazon if you look around). The rich cotton makes them much thicker, softer and warmer than other jeans and they don't get that horrible knee stretch that so many other jeans get. I'd highly recommend a pair of these to anyone, you'll never want any other jeans again!

And ah yes...the beautiful shoes. I think I've been wearing these almost everyday for the past two weeks there's so sweet and they look great with anything. The peep holes make them uber cute with wool tights and a little dress or you can pair them with some frilly ankle socks and a little skirt. Love at first sight!

And here's a sneak peak at some of the extra items I bought this season!

High neck lace top, Soft Beige Jumper H&M

This jumper is incredibly snug and soft and it adds a little winter's touch to a simple pair of jeans.

This high neck top also looks beautiful with a nice pair of jeans and a junky knit cardigan, but can easily be dressed up with a pair of classy black court shoes instead.

Christmas Pyjama Bottoms Primark

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Thanks for reading!

Bye for now xx

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  1. oooh your jumper is gorgeous and those shoes are sooo gorgeous! xo

  2. Them shoes are so adorable!!


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