January Birchbox UK unboxing!

Well hello!

Is that benefit i see?!

I have just received my January Birchbox! This month celebrates the 1 year anniversary of Birchbox UK and I'm pleased to say the box does it justice!

The sneak peak at this months box showed some really exciting options, and i definitely had my heart set on a few, so luckily when my box arrived I was relieved to see a few in there. This month's box is so good I'm so happy with it!

Here's a look at what I got...

Itsu miso soup, Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer, Premae anatomy nutrients instant renewal body oil, Vasanti detox nutrient-rich purifying facial cleanser, Lavera basis sensitive hand cream, Benefit the Porefessional.

ITSU Miso Soup | £2.25 for 3 sachets

Well I love Miso soup so we're off to a good start! I never realised you could get snacks and healthy treats in the Birchbox so this one was a surprise and right up my street, and at 42 calories it's completely guilt free!!

Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer | £27.50

The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer couldn't have come at a better time either! Only yesterday I picked up (and put back down) a hair mask in boots - my hair could really do with some TLC, so this nourishing pre-shampoo hair mask is perfect for me. I'll have to do a before and after to let you know if I like it.

Premae Anatomy Nutrients Instant Renewal Body Oil |£9.50

The Premae anatomy nutrients instant renewal body oil is a real treat for me. Body oil is something I never remember to use, so this will have to be incorporated in to my mid-week pamper routine. It claims to moisturise, tone and detoxify the skin so I'm expecting good things.

Vasanti Detox Nutrient-Rich Purifying Facial Cleanser | £18.00

So ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you I'm a cleanser junkie! I love trying new skin products, in fact I just ordered my first Clinique take the day off cleansing balm, recommendations of Tanya Burr, so this will be perfect to tide me over until it arrives. I'll make sure I do a compare and contrast to see how it weighs up on the blog soon.

Lavera Basis Sensitive Hand Cream | £4.45

The Lavera hand cream also gets a tick in my books. I always carry a hand cream without fail especially in the colder months, but with my skin allergies and extra sensitivity it's so hard for me to find a cream I'm not allergic to, smells great & still feels a little luxury. Well this has all those things so I'm a happy lady. Today is the first day I've tried it so we will have to see how things go but if it all works out it's going to be a must have on my essentials list!

Benefit The POREfessional | £24.50

Last but not least Benefits Porefessional!! I got a little giddy when I saw this peeking out of my box. I've been dying to try the Porefessional for so long now so this absolutely completely my box (and my day).

I'm really pleased with my box this month and I can't wait to test drive all these new products.

(I was hoping to get the Laura Mercier body butter which was also in the product list for last month but I'm still hoping - fingers crossed for February).

If you got a Birchbox this month, let me know in the comments below what products were in your box or if you've tried any of the products I received tell me what you think!

Make sure you keep an eye out on twitter @theasthinkings and bloglovin for all the reviews coming soon.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now

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  1. ooh i got all excited when i saw they put in a benefit porefessional!hehe!ive heard so many good things about it-hope its as good as they hype!:)I'm now following ur blog girlie:)xx

  2. Thank you so much for featuring our Premae Anatomy Nutrients Instant Renewal Body Oil. How has you skin felt after using?
    Clare x


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