Self-reflection Sundays: Mapping out your dreams


So last week we started the Self-reflection series and discussed the difficult dilemma of making choices! If you missed it you can find it here.

Last week was a looong post but this week we are going to keep things simple and start to get active.
This week we're going to gain some perspective, focus our thoughts and find some confidence in planning out dreams.

I'm at the time in life when I'm "in between jobs". I'm not unemployed, in fact i work two jobs, but some ( family and friends) might think I'm not using my qualifications to their best potential.

You see I came out of University with two thoughts...I love my subject (Psychology) and I definitely want to use it in my future...but (two) I also love a lot of other things. See the hardest thing for me to face was the idea of choosing one over the other. It's not that I just don't know what to do, but the honest truth is I want to do everything. So I graduated and ended up in the crippling situation where the thought of having to choose put my whole life on hold. I just couldn't face choosing and so I did huh?

Does that sound familiar?

However, contrary to popular belief, this whole time I'm been convinced I shouldn't have to choose, and I CAN do everything. Of course no one I know agreed with me, but then I came across a book, and it gave me the confidence to give myself a little more credit.

That book was "REFUSE TO CHOOSE" and since I started reading this book and applying the ideas and practises in my life, I've started to transform my life.
The first big change I noticed was in my confidence and my motivation to get going! I was so excited to read that someone else thought I shouldn't have to choose! It was incredible.

So today we're going to be using one of the gems of advice I found in this book to give our thoughts and ideas some direction, and for those of you who also find it hard to choose we'll start to build your confidence and optimism that you don't have to choose either!

It doesn't matter if you're finding it hard to choose between degrees, jobs, hobbies or maybe just what food you want to eat, if you use this simple and practical tool it will really help you to focus and feel like you're committing to your plans and ideas.

Step 1: Buy a notebook.

Now I'm sure if you're like me you're probably thinking you've got a spare one (or 10) lying around the house that you could use. But I really want you to purposefully go out and buy one especially for this. The act choosing and purchasing a notebook especially for this will give it identity and you the feeling that you're starting something new, and you've committed to refusing to choose! I found this task really exciting and I was super eager to get to my nearest smiths and hand pick my chosen notebook. As a recommendation I'd say to choose one that's NOT lined, and opens from left to right not a flip pad. I found a lovely brown leather A4 pad and was chuffed to bits to get home!

Step 2: Get your thoughts down!

Now this isn't a process you need to rush but is a great outlet for you to feel like you've dedicated time to your ideas. Open up your new notebook to a double page. As it says in the book, it's much nicer to have a double page because as your thoughts flood in you can spread out across the page and you can visualise your ideas all in one place without having to turn the page.
Start with one ambition - anyone. You want to be dedicated each double page to a single idea, thought, ambition or dream, and be creative! Do whatever fits but being able to visualise your idea is key to this process. So get out the colouring pens, spider diagram, draw, write, scrap book if you like, but take the time to put all your thoughts on paper.

Step 3: Take your time.

Don't rush the process. Make sure you've allocated enough time to focus on the task. Turn of the TV, put away your distractions and find a well lit corner or table and give yourself a clean slate to put down your thoughts. Try to put some time aside to do this everyday and you'll be amazed how quickly you start to actualise your dreams!

The worst that can happen is you'll get the thoughts on paper, you'll express yourself and you'll decide to leave it there. But even if that's as far as it goes you will have given it time. By purposefully dedicating time to do this you'll come out feeling like you've expressed the desire, no longer will it be pent up inside and you'll feel a huge weight off your shoulders.

But the best thing that might happen is that by putting it down on paper and expressing your thoughts you'll start balls rolling and start to establish a plan to make your dream a reality.

I couldn't believe how much this simple activity transformed the way I see my dreams. No longer do they feel unreachable, I'm finally feeling like my life is becoming everything I hoped it would.

If you'd like to read the book you can find it here:
Refuse to Choose!: A Revolutionary Program for Doing Everything That You Love

Next week I'm going to share with you some of my hopes and dreams that I'm finally making a reality!

I hope you'll join me and if you do start a dreams notebook, leave a comment and let me know how you get on!

Thanks for popping by!
Bye for now

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  1. Such a great post. I love your blog it's such an enjoyable read :-)
    Beth x

    1. Thanks Bethan. I'm already loving making this series I'm glad it's useful for other people too :)


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