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Welcome back to another 'Let's talk Thursday'!

This week we're talking DIY. Now in an ideal world I would be one of those together girls, with my life in order, and my house spic and span, but in real life I'm what I like to call a collector.

I don't like hoarder, it has negative connotations but luckily I think it's also a step further than I am.
Now I don't want you getting the wrong idea, I don't live in a pile, but I'd be lying if I said there weren't several dotted around my house.

So long and short of this ramble is this week I've been trying to de-clutter. Normally, I can't help but hold on to pretty much everything. That dress (x100) that I only wore that one time five years ago but I know I'll find another use for it and it was so expensive! That coffee table I found in a cute little vintage shop, I know I've got three now but all of them are so pretty in there own right and once again - I spent money on them so I can't throw them out!

Well there's only so much of that I can bear so I've been doing something about it and starting with my bedroom I'm slowly transforming my little place in the world into a calming retreat.

Lots of things have gone in the bin, to charity, friends and family, or recycled.

Today's post is about a little up-cycled chair.

A few weeks ago I was helping my Dad clear out some things from his house (hmm...family trait?), I found some old chairs from the university he was going to dump and I grabbed one for myself.

Being typical me it then sat in a corner until now! Since I've made so much space I can really see the potential in my room and wanted to create a little office space. I thought with a little TLC and imagination this chair would make a perfect addition to my little corner.

So here's the final product...

Not bad eh?

and here's where I started!

Not much to look at is she?
So have a go!
It's a very simple process I'll walk you through it:

1. remove the seat
2. sand of all the varnish and clean so you have a fresh new surface.
3. paint with your choice of colour (leave a couple of hours between each coat)
4. keep layering until you're happy with the look
5. Varnish with a clear varnish, or a stained varnish for a slightly antiqued/worn look (leave 6-8 hours to dry)
6. Cover your seat with a nice new pattern

7.Sit down and relax!

I really enjoyed making this and I'm really happy with the final product. I think it looks great in my little office space and fits in perfectly with my room.

The best thing of all was that it was completely free! The paints and varnish I had lying around the house from of decoration jobs, the chair I took from my dads throw away pile, and the material is actually from an old jumper I was going to take to charity!

Let me know what you think of the final product in the comments below!

So next time you're thinking of giving your house a revamp, don't throw everything out, save yourself some pennies and have some fun up-cycling your possession for a great new look.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and if you'd like to see some more easy DIY project, let me know in the comments.

Bye for now!

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  1. It looks lovely! Really simple and easy to follow.How did you secure the new covering to the seat? Sorry,I'm new to DIY.xx


    1. Thanks Kim I'm quite chuffed with it!

      Oh yes I probably should have mentioned that sorry! Just a staple gun! I cut the material with an inch or so extra, folded it over the sides and stapled it securely to the bottom side. Simple!

      If you try it just be sure not to use glues because these can quite often leave stains on the material and with staples you can easily remove them and try out a new material if you want to give a room a quick new look.

      Hope that helps & thanks for reading! xx


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