Self-reflection Sundays: Let me introduce myself

I swear I tried to smile but this semi-smirk was the best thing I could get when my eyes weren't closed!

Welcome back to Self-reflection Sundays. I've loved writing this series on tips for self improvement, reflection and following your dreams but I realised I've barely introduced myself so it's about time I do some self-reflection myself!

I started not only this series but my whole blog for one massive crucial reason - self-improvement! My own self improvement!

See I think there's one really important fact about me that I want to get across in this post and I think sometimes it gets lost among some of the awe-inspiring, beautifully presented, dream like blogs out life is far from perfect and I'm sure that's the norm for a lot of bloggers (even when their blogs might appear otherwise).

My weeks are frequently filled with delays, mislaid plans, disorganisation, bad habits and generally un-perfect life events! But hold on don't stop reading just yet let me explain a little more.

I started this blog because like so many people (maybe you) my life wasn't what I wanted it to be, I'm not saying it was all that bad I just wanted so much more for myself. It got to a point I was graduating a degree (my third), I'd had a pretty big life event (that's for another story) and I was looking to where my life was heading (goodness knows where!). I realised I needed to take control if I was going to live the life I hoped for and start making some changes.

I have spent a large part of my life mastering the art of avoidance. She's become my worst enemy and procrastination is her best friend, so that partnership was the first thing I knew I had to take control of.
Now hold on before you asked, no. That one's still a work in progress but I've definitely made some steps towards the life I'm looking for.

This blog was step one. One night not so long ago I was feeling gloomy over a day I normally choose to avoid, and was determined to try and turn it around and make the most of it. Turns out it was still a terrible day (typical!), but as it happens that day was Guy Fawkes and I decided then and there I wasn't going to let this day get me down so off I went, newly bought camera in hand and took some photos of the beautiful fireworks over my home town - and there we had it - blog post number one!
It wasn't much to look at and still isn't, but it was the start to something great.

From day one I had the blogging bug and my camera went everywhere with me. I didn't know what I was going to blog about but I now had a space. A space where I could express myself, share myself and work on myself.
With the start of this blog I found a feeling of responsibility to provide good content (even if no one would ever read it) and for that I needed to have great experiences, and to do 'that' I needed to improve my life starting with the little stuff.

So to blog I knew I needed to following things: To look presentable (so that involved showering, putting together a passable outfit, at least a minimal effort at some nice hair and make up), to eat well (some of my recipes hopefully show that ones working) so I had the energy to get the work done, to find the things that I want to fill my life with and actively seek them (so that involved a lot of  leaving the house which gets me out and about and some of that all important Vitamin D) and of course I needed to start using my camera more so I had documentary evidence! So before I'd even written anything my life had already taken a dramatic change for the better (you might of course have always done these things and if so I salute you!).

Ultimately, it gave me something to commit to, and with every post I felt myself growing as a person and shaping the life I want to lead. I don't think of things to 'blog about' I think of things to fill my life with and happen to blog about them! It's so motivating planning fun adventures, whether it's just a good homemade meal, a crafty experiment, or a mini jaunt in the park it didn't matter how small it was, having a space to share it gave me the motivation I'd been looking for all this time!

Sure I still have days where I don't get up on time, maybe I stay in my pyjamas all day, and I plan on work but somehow the day escapes me and its bed time again, but the one thing I can say is they are less often and that in itself is progress.

I'm still going to have lazy days and tasks I avoid at all costs, but for every day I can do something worth blogging about I'm taking a step towards the life I hope to lead.

Hey look I got dressed today!
So 'that' is my self-reflection story.

I can't promise this blog is going to be all glitter, clouds and fairies (I love this word by the way, there are so many cute ways to spell it but I'll tell you about my fairy fantasies another time if you like), and I'm not going to pretend or encourage positive thinking (long story but sometimes I recognise the importance in not feeling positive. Again a topic for the books I think), but the one thing I can promise  you is it's going to be real.

I'm not going to fill it with all doom and gloom stories, but I am going to document my progress. Every post demonstrates a commitment, something I took a conscious decision to include in my life and share with you as a result of my goal to create a better life.

I hope you'll join me, and I hope you won't be disappointed, but most of all I hope it inspires just one person to make the little steps they can to improve their (your) own life.
It's a work in progress but the joy is in the journey.

Thanks for reading,
Hope you'll pop back soon.

Bye for now xx

p.s. If this does inspire you to start a blog or fill your life with a little more of the good things, let me know in the box below and I'd love to follow your progress too!

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  1. Awwwww this was so real!
    I love raw grandparents truth on blogs.
    I love blogging also. Like you, I want to live and blog about it-not the other way around.
    I have a typo up there. I meant transparent not grandparents! Hahaha. I'd go back and fix it but then my phone freezes and I choose not go write it again and you would never get this comment.
    You have 3 degrees? In what? Just curious.
    Great getting to know the blogger behind the blog :) cheers to great blog posts!

    1. Haha I'm glad you clarified I can't tell you how long I was trying to analyse that one before I finally decided to just read on!

      I do have three degrees. They all sort of lead on from each other really but I did a Bsc Psychology with Neuropsychology then went straight into an Msc Clinical Psychology and then after taking a year out to care for my a family member I went back and just this January completed my MPhil researching the health and developmental impacts of the new school curriculum in my country (Wales) for children aged 3-7.

      In a way all very similar and at the same time all very very different but I've thoroughly enjoyed them all.

      Thank you for the really kind words, it means a great deal. :)

  2. This has inspired me! I love these self-reflection posts, I think it's important to do :) I'm happy to see that blogging has made your life better and I hope to do a little bit more (adventures etc) soon! I saw in your about me section that you're a psychology graduate, I study Psychology (and Criminology) at the moment and hope to do a masters in Clinical psychology :)


    1. Thanks Lauren I'm glad you liked it :) I completely agree self improvement is such an important and powerful thing it's a shame we don't do it more!

      Lovely to meet a fellow psychologist! Good luck with your studies, I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did. I did my Msc in Clinical Psychology too and it was an incredible experience. You learn some truly exciting stuff and hopefully get some unforgettable hands on experience with mental illness and dissection too if you're not too squeamish! Where are you hoping to study? x

  3. I created my blog last year ( ) as a distraction because I was feeling a bit crappy, didn't want to get out of bed in the morning, and it was a distraction from my nan who had just broken her leg and was under going surgery etc. But now I love it. I've thought about being a teacher so many times...but we live in a world where internet is everything, and I'd like to be my own boss who can do a post...or upload a video (more on that soon) and then be able to go out, visit family, earn money from my joy and happiness. I am still going to go to uni once I've finished these pesky GCSE and A Level know as a back up plan... and I'll go to uni and get my qualifications but just as something to fall back on. I'd love to be someone who can go to vidcon and summer in the city etc. and know that I have inspired so many people...anyway I've been cheesy enough for one comment. Don't be afraid to pop over to my blog at your leisure :-

    1. Hi again Katie :)

      I fell into blogging for the exact same reasons. I was caring for a sick relative and needed a bit of an escape and it turned into something magical so I'm so glad it's done the same for you.

      Doing something you love it definitely important and if you can make money from it that's a super bonus! Good luck with your studies and if you go onto university, it's a great experience and whatever you choose to do I think you'll be really happy you stuck with it all.

      It's great you have aspirations and it seems like you're really willing to work hard for it so I really hope it all goes well! You never know maybe you'll become a successful online personality and a teacher.

      I happen to be both a blogger and a teacher (I teach at university and online) so I say the world it your oyster and go for it!


  4. Great post. I think it's important to realise that having the odd lazy day here and there isn't necessarily a bad thing. Everyone needs downtime to recover, sometimes we need to stay still to realise how far we've come.

    1. Thanks Lisa, that's really true. I think we (including myself) try to keep up with these very fast paced lives and forget about taking some down time too so thanks for including that, maybe a topic for a blog post in itself? :) x


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