Tuesday Review Day: Ilumi Food


Last week I was given the opportunity to taste test some of the new recipes at Ilumi.*

I'm always trying to keep my meals healthy but I have to admit I'm not perfect and occasionally I have a sneaky pre-prepared meal. The downside is most pre-prepared meals aren't healthy and are packed with sugars, salts and preservatives, but Ilumi pride themselves for producing pre-prepared meals that are always nut, gluten & milk free (so great for those with allergies), and 100% natural. They also claim to improve well-being, so that fits my bill but I needed to try them before I made any final judgements.

So to the taste test:

I've tried two mains;
Sweet Five Spice & Chilli Pork

Northern Chinese Style Chicken & Mushroom

Both come in 275g microwaveable pouches and take two minutes to cook. Each pouch also has roughly a year on the best before date and they don't need storing in the fridge so I thought that was pretty handy.


Overall I really liked the taste. The flavours were well balanced, the meat was really tender and the sauces very aromatic. They both also have a slight spicy warmth which I liked but it's really mild so even if your no more adventurous than a Korma these would still be a good option. Overall I was really happy. Paired with some rice and these made for ideal and tasty quick meals. 
The only thing I can really think of that could have been improved was that I noticed both were particularly sweet and the quantity of meat I felt could have been more. I don't know if it's just my preference, maybe the way it's cooked or the choice of herbs but I found both meals very sweet which for some might be perfect but for me I wouldn't have said no to a little less - I think that ones for you to decide. The sauce to meat ratio also seemed a bit off, but it does say 40% meat on the packet so seems about right for what you get. 


I actually was really pleasantly surprised by these, to find something quick and easy and still healthy gets a thumbs up in my books as I always seem to be too busy to cook as often as I'd liked, so I imagine these would come in real handy on those days when I'm rushing from one place to the other.

These retail at £3.75 a pouch which I find a little pricey, but for ease, simplicity, and reduced guilt factor I think a few of these on my shelf wouldn't go a miss and for those with allergies they are definitely a great option.

I can't say if they contributed to my overall well-being, I think I'd need to be eating them more often to come to any conclusions on that, but they're healthy and they pass my taste test so that's good enough for me.

So that's it for this weeks review. If you know of any other healthy quick meals let me know in the comments below so I can add them to my shopping list!

Thanks for stopping by!

*This post contains PR samples. All opinions are my own.

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