Cut-out cupcakes


A few weeks ago I saw this great idea for cut out cupcakes on leafTV. The idea was so simple but they looked amazing so I had to try them at to see if they really were going to look that good if they were made in my kitchen!

I haven't included a recipe but you can find a basic cupcake recipe here which is super simple and easy to make.

After baking these cupcakes and letting them cool, all I did was mixed up a batch of butter cream icing and added a few different food colourings for some variety and had a rummage around in the cookie cutter box for some small cute looking cutters.

As is always the way I don't think mine are at all as perfect as those on leafTV but for a 40 minutes from start to finish fun treat I love them!

The little cut-outs so adorable and all you need to do is slice off the top of your cupcake, cover the inside layer with a nice thick layer of icing, using your cutter, cut out a hole in the lid section and pop it back on top and there you have it.

Peep hole butter icing cup cakes.

If you're really skilled you might even be able to practice cutting out your own shapes.

They add the perfect treat to an impromptu tea party and taste yummy.



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  1. These look really cute! I would never have thought of that :) Very creative! xx


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