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So far this weeks been one of those where I feel much busier than I probably am.

In reality I have much less work related tasks to do than it feels like but some how the days have been racing past.

I thought today I'd give you a little window into my world and see what exactly it is I'm keeping so busy with, so here's a little update:

I've really been getting into blogging lately. Although I don't currently think I could fit it in around my job I wish I had the time to blog every day. I've really enjoyed sharing my experiences and talking with so many of you. It brightens my day every time I get a comment or a tweet and finally get to really 'talk' to you.

I've also been taking on a few guest blogging projects which has been really fun. Just yesterday my post for Just singles went live! I spoke all about alternative date ideas and my favourite dating experiences. You can find it here:

Dating Essentials: Try something different

I've also been working hard on a new website for my one-man business. It's really coming along and I can't wait for it to finally go live! I think one of the elements I'm most excited about it the blog element where I'm looking forward to blogging about something a little different; current affairs, mental health and academic topics (something I love to chat about).

Speaking of jobs...

I've also been working hard on course materials for my upcoming course. I've only touched on this briefly before but my job covers a range of topics. I'm a Freelancer, which lets me do a lot of different jobs. At the end of the month I'm going to be conducting my first self-designed course which I'm so excited about! It's the first course I've designed, implemented and conducted myself so it's a big step for my career so preparing materials has been taking up a lot of my time, but I'm really loving it, can't wait to get teaching!

In less than a week I'm also going to be sitting for my VIVA which I'm terrified for, and working really hard to revise. Just to make sure we're all on the same page, a VIVA exam is basically like an interview, where a postgraduate (either an MPhil or PhD) student has to quite literally 'defend' their thesis (research). During the interview (that can last from a couple of hours to a whole day!!!!) two examiners will test me on my knowledge and understand of my research, and determine whether I need to add/remove/change anything. It'll be my job to defend what I did, why I did it, and that I did the best job I could. Fingers crossed!


If you follow me on twitter you may already know that for the past few weeks I've been working towards my TEFL qualification which I'm pleased to say I finally completed this weekend. I'm not sure if I ever planning on using it but it's something I've always wanted, and I love to learn so it's been a great experience. I also plan on doing some serious travel in the near future so it might come in really handy while I'm away!

I've also been doing a lot of clutter clear out, and self-development. Just today I finished reading 'Refuse to choose', a book about being a "scanner" something that's also been quite influential in my Self reflection series on the blog. I absolute loved this book. Although I already knew I was a scanner, I've learnt some really great tools but most importantly I've built my confidence and reaffirmed my ambition to have a full and varied life and career.

As a great start to this I've been really looking into drama and acting, something I've wanted to try for a long time and for one reason or another never have. Although I'm not in acting classes yet I'm reading a lot and learning some really interesting theory on acting, and acting for camera. I can't wait to try my first drama class but until the opportunity shows itself I'm really happy to have started learning at all!

Cooking & Nutrition

As you'll know from reading my blog, I've been cooking more and trying out new recipes which has been so much fun. Just this week I made meringues for the first time which I'm so chuffed with (they are super yummy) and I've also been trying to juice everyday but I'm not totally convinced by green juice yet. I'll have yo keep you posted on that one.


On the slightly less exciting side, I've been catching up on some of my latest TV. I was a very late joiner to the desperate housewives fan club, but I've been storming through the seasons and just finished season 4 which was so amazing! I'm also watching the walking dead and have been abusing my Amazon Prime subscription and finally caught up on some films I've been dying to see for so long. Off the top of my head I finally watched The Perks of being a Wallflower, The Kings of Summer, Tangled, Seeking a friend for the end of the world, and The Bling Ring.

I've also been working on my garden, fixing the pond, generally cleaning up and seeding the vegetable beds. The Apple trees have just started to bloom and I really can't wait for summer fruits!


One thing I've absolutely loved this season is the amazing range of clothes, home, body and life products making the shelves in my local boutique stores. You may have seen my boutique hauls 
I can't help be give regular visits to all the local boutiques in this area and on my trip I've been picking up some really unique and chic pieces to put into one beautiful blog giveaway. I really want to make this one special so I'm going to keep looking for those perfect pieces but if I hit 100 followers on bloglovin' I'll be finding those final beauties and hosting my very first give away.
So if you're not already following I'd be so thankful for your support and be sure to keep you updated on my upcoming give away. It's going to be so special!

So I suppose, although this is more of a two/three week update, maybe I've been busier than I realise!
I like to dabble in multiple things on the go so on the whole having just written this I think I can actually say things are going better than I realised!!

I'm looking forward to starting some new projects very very soon and I can't wait to fill you in.

Until then!
Thanks for stopping by!

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