Self- reflection Sundays: I am happy (the last post!)


It's here! The final post in the Self-reflection Sundays series, I can't believe how fast it's gone but thank you so much to everyone who's been reading, I've really enjoyed it and I hope you've found it useful too.

I've loved doing this series so much I'm hoping to do another series very soon but maybe with a new twist, so any ideas or suggestions would be awesome!

You might notice that this post has been put up on a Monday, big sorry for that. It should have been up yesterday but I've been having Internet troubles hopefully that's all sorted now.

I was also hoping to update you on my self-confidence diary this week but I've decided to take a different approach and I'll explain that in a minute. First things first a quick reminder of last weeks post:

Self-confidence...your inner voice

For the final few posts in the Self-reflection series we've looked at self-confidence and how we can help to improve our own self-confidence with simple practical tools.
In my last post I spoke about the inner voice and how hearing criticism inside your head can be as damaging as hearing it from others, but if you recognise it you can change the things you tell yourself and in the long-term make a big impact on the way you see yourself.

I spoke about my hopes to take up acting classes but that my lack of confidence was holding me back. So from the last post I chose three 'mantras' to repeat in my head everyday as often as I could and have been keeping a confidence diary everyday to see how I feel. It truly can do wonders to help you build your confidence.

You can do the same and let me know how you get along.

I chose three to concentrate on but with time I'm sure you can increase this*:

"I trust my partner"
"I trust myself to respond appropriately"
"My performance will look natural and believable"
*Since the last post I changed them slightly to ones I felt more comfortable with.

I was going to share my diary entries this week but I think I might keep that for a future post. A week seems a little short and I'd like to share how much of a difference a month could do - so stay tuned for that coming soon.

What I am going to do though is let you know overall how I've been getting on this week, and also share with you a few other tools I've been using.

So I've been trying to repeat these mantras at least twice a day (first thing in the morning when I'm getting ready for the day and when I'm winding down in the evening before bed) but really I've probably been doing it maybe 7-10 times a day most days. I'd definitely recommend trying to do it as often as you can. It only takes a matter of seconds so you can easily fit it in to your routine without changing anything. 
The biggest thing I've noticed so far is that since I started this positive mantra routine I've become so much more aware of just how often my own thoughts put me down. It's crazy how often we think negative thoughts! But by becoming more actively aware of them I've been able to hold myself back and replace them with a move positive one which has been great to recognise.

I can truly say that I'm feeling more positive. Not just confidence but overall. I don't know if I can say that it's all down to my inner voice yet but I am seeing a difference. I think I'll have to wait out the whole month before I can come to any major conclusions on this.

But i have also been doing a few other things that I'm convinced are adding to my boosted confidence.

For the last month or so I've changed up my routine to try and be more health conscious. I'm eating much better, I struggle with big meals so I've been eating just small meals but much more frequently which is working so much better for me. In fact I'm finding my appetite is huge at the moment which is awesome.
I'm also taking supplements, nothing special just your basic multivitamins, iron, making sure I'm having vitamin C and a few other herbal supplements, and I've also been green juicing everyday which I'm getting quickly addicted too!

Just a few days ago a friend asked me if I actually thought it was making a difference to how I feel and I had to be honest and say I wasn't sure because I'm definitely full of energy and feeling pretty happy and at ease with myself but, I couldn't say whether it was any different from my normal self.
But the last two days were so hectic I didn't get time to do any of it and I realise at the end of the day that actually I was completely zapped. Both emotionally and physically I have been so drained and exhausted it made me realise that it wasn't until I didn't have those things in my routine anymore that I noticed just how much they were boosting both my physical energy levels and my self-esteem.

If you don't always have time to make sure you're getting in all those vital minerals and vitamins I would 100% recommend juicing, it's making a big difference to my whole outlook.

The final thing I also wan to mention and absolutely recommend is finding an app for positive mentoring. In addition to the inner voice mantras I've been doing I've also been listening to a positive thinking session every morning and evening, and although it feels a little phoney I'm convinced it's really making a difference to my whole outlook throughout the day.

There are so many free apps out there for this kind of thing I would really recommend looking one up. There are also a number of free hypnosis apps out there which do the same thing, but what I think it great about the positive mentoring is that you are wide awake at the time so I can carry on with my daily activities and have it playing in the background. It only lasts ten minutes which is ideal while I'm doing my skin routine, but I can also put it on repeat as many times as I like.

Although I do think I'm seeing a difference in my general confidence and outlook on life, I'm not too sure about how close I am to taking acting classes, I think that's something I will have to save for the follow-on post in a month or so.
I do feel like my overall outlook and confidence to approach others is increasing though. I've been taking on some exciting responsibilities with the charity I help run, and I hosted a whole family for the weekend which I'm super proud of as I'd never met them before and we had a brilliant weekend. I'll fill you in on that very soon I think.

All in all I think things are looking good. I'm feeling positive and loving my new routine. My internal mantra has definitely become a main part of my day, and looking after my body and my mind has become a really enjoyable part of my life!

I know this post wasn't quite what was expected for this week but I hope my experience gives you a little insight into some of the simple but effective ways you can change your outlook on life and your overall self-esteem.

If you'd like to see another self-reflection (or something similar) series soon please let me know in the comments your ideas and suggestions and I'll have something for you very soon!!

Thank you so much to everyone who's been reading I know I've said it over and over again but this has been so much fun, and I can honestly say I've really being changing my life for the better it's been a wonderful journey.

Thanks for stopping by.
Bye for now!

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