Catch up #1


This week has been so so busy!

There's been events, fundraising & too much planning!

The week started off with a Conference event by my research funders. I know I know, sounds boring right? But actually it was a lot of fun. It was a suit and tie event, so an excuse to dress up, and it was a really great opportunity to meet loads of new people from across Wales. The whole event was paid for so we all got beautiful dinner and wine. I wasn't able to take photos inside the venue but it was such a lovely event I feel so happy to have been invited.

I also had a lot of work and meetings to tie up the loose ends on my mPhil. I won't bore you with the details but all I'll say is it's been a tough 18 months and it feels so good to be this close to the finish line now! Graduation in July!!! yaaaay.

The biggest event of this week was Friday's fundraising event HATS for Headway. All this week has been Action for Brain Injury week 2014. It's a cause I'm very passionate about and as a committee member for Headway Ceredigion this week has been chockablock with planning and final preparations for this event.

Headway Ceredigion is a local charity providing support for brain injury survivors and their family carers. We've only been around for 6 months so this event was our first and so important! We stormed the streets of Aberystwyth town and spent the day raising funds and awareness. The day was such a success and I'm so proud of the whole team and everyone who volunteered. We met some amazing people, and heard some truly moving life stories.

I've also been busy preparing for Pardubice. I'm going to Czech Republic for a whole week and I'm so excited! I haven't been abroad for such a long time I cannot cannot wait to go! 

Oh also, I don't know what the weather's like with you but it's so amazing here! It's been absolutely freezing lately, but then suddenly out of no where the sun has arrived and it's stunning out there! While I've got the chance this weekend I'm really hoping to catch some rays and if it gets too hot I'm going to get some baking in too because it's been too long! So I'm off while it's still shining.

I hope you're having a great week & thanks for stopping by!


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