Jet setting...well sort of


Well as you read this I am most likely to be up in the air on my way to the Czech Republic!


But as I write this, it's about 8pm, I've just got out the shower and yes I might have been prancing around in my t-shirt for a while but now I'm sitting on my hotel bed, sipping hot chocolate with newly painted nails, listening to 'I want you back' cover by The Civil Wars (one of my favourite songs at the moment) and sorting out some notes from my lyric hook book.

I can see the sun setting out the window, and well it's all quite nice really!

I have quite a bit of 'homework' to do before I set off tomorrow but I'm going to enjoy the moment while it's here and thought I'd hop online and give you an update on my current antics!

Midday tomorrow I'm taking a leisurely stroll to Manchester International Airport where I'll be meeting up with nine other strangers from across the UK to head off on a week long grad school in Pardubice. I hear the competition was quite fierce so I feel very lucky to have earned a place on the course, and although I know it's going to be intense I'm really looking forward to it.

It's always great to meet knew people, and there will also be graduates from across Europe joining us so it's all very exciting! Most of all I can't wait to see the Czech Republic.
Although I consider myself a lover of travelling I've not really travelled all too far. The Czech Republic will be a new one to tick off the list! From the little research I've done it appears to be full of old town character, cobbled streets and authentic traditional architecture which is a big love of mine.

Our co-ordinator tells me we're staying in a Volcanic Spring Spa which sounds amazing. I don't know what time we will have to use the facilities, but I'm going to try my absolute hardest to squeeze something in!

I never know quite what to do in hotels I'm not used to lacking all the comforts of my own home for distractions! So for now I think I might take an amble around the hotel to see what it has to offer and then cosy myself up in my pyjamas for a good nights rest before tomorrow's trip.

I have quite a few hotel visits booked in for this year so if you have an tips or ideas for passing the time in the hotel I'd love to hear your suggestions and hopefully I can give a few a try on my next trip.

Until my next update, stay happy, stay healthy and wish me good luck!

Bye for now!

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